i wrote up some vignettes of things kiwi farms has done to us, to give you a better picture of how they operate, and how they've twisted reality. hope u enjoy. feel free to pass along to anyone you think needs to read it.

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and can i just say.

you want a test of your community's resilience? this is it, right here, right now. you either actively support kiwi farms and their tactics, or you don't. there is very little room for a middle ground.

if you believe in us but pretend you don't, or if you don't believe in us but don't even bother to see what we have to say for ourselves, then you are ACTIVELY empowering this stalker mob. and once they know this works, they won't stop with us.

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@eevee This reminds me so much about the current wave of Freenode spam. I take it you're familiar?

@eevee And it's especially worrisome for communities that purport to want to protect trans people/women/etc. because KF has pretty much a whole section that is just like "uppity trans people".

They will come for other vulnerable persons, they already are. I've seen it pretty much a dozen times, with less 'notable' figures than yourself and almost every time left :birdsite: falls for their shit hook line and sinker. Every goddamn time.

@eevee I think anyone who needs to read it probably has me on some shared blocklist by now, but sure

@flussence @eevee I know they do have me on a block list because I called them idiots to their face for ever having believed a screenshot.

@eevee hey, this seems pretty comprehensive, thanks!

@eevee there are people i would like to know if i should engage with and because of kiwi farms the well is poisoned.

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