definitely a weird phenomenon with mastodon is "you make a few of our users uncomfortable, so we're suspending you from our instance"

why don't... those users... block us themselves. like. i don't understand the impetus to forcibly remove someone who's minding their own business from your /entire community/

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@eevee Scared admins with little experience, maybe some of them may be convinced as well

@eevee i think it probably stands to reason that if several people are uncomfortable with your presence, you're probably not minding your own business, or doing it very poorly.

this is the great thing about a federated network. no one owes you their time, or space on their instance, but you can start your own if you want.

@lyliawisteria counterpoint: i've been suspended from an instance i'd otherwise /never heard of/

@eevee that's probably bound to happen. who knows, i might be banned from instances i've never heard about too. but there's lots to choose from, so what are you worried about?

@lyliawisteria what if some of the hundreds of people on that instance wanted to follow me? just saying it's weird to make that decision for all of them when i'd never interacted with the instance before

@eevee they can't want to follow someone they've never seen. and there are tons of people on mastodon. like, you can't meet everyone in the world. it just isn't possible.

@eevee Oh yeah, this blows and I'm not a whole fan of it. I'm not big on instance blocks either, like your admin can wall you off from *vast* amounts of people because of 1 or 2 bad eggs within them.

Idk how losing out on hundreds of possible friends is worth the trade-off for protecting ur community from *possible* run-ins with a couple lame people

@toffee @eevee I can understand instances blocking people a lot more than instances blocking instances. After all some accounts are just plain spammers.

@kurisu @toffee sure, someone performing network-affecting abuse deserves a network-level block. i don't think i am

@eevee @toffee oh of course, luckilly i havent had to do any adminning on this instance yet, but if I did i'd only block accounts if i was sure they were actual bots not humans. The rest is best left up to each user.

@toffee @eevee I see instance blocks most often discussed because of the _admins_, which is something I can get behind slightly more easily. I mean I once told someone they could block them themselves in the meantime and got called a "techbro" for it, but whatever.

In general, there's a huge society-wide discussion to be had about what people should accept even if they don't agree, and what they don't need to accept. Because in the wider world it seems like the latter is getting quite common.

@eevee Because some admins feel more responsible for their users comfort and safety than others. Especially in a small community where admins do more to set the tone.

@eevee Blocking people and instances is good, imho. Comfort and safety are important and no one owes me an audience.

@ghost_bird deciding which people are uncomfortable for hundreds of others is kind of weird to me i guess. especially with the generally goofy way instance blocks seem to work

@eevee I’m OK with a pro-active admin as long as they’re transparent about what they’re doing. And if I don’t like their approach then I can move or start my own instance - there are lots of ways to run a community and it’s good to have a diverse mix.

@eevee It strikes me that the real difference of opinion is about power and perceived threat. If you’re more worried about admins abusing their power then you’ll incline one way and if you’re more worried about power-seekers accumulating social capital then you’ll incline the other. Though both worries are entirely reasonable and legitimate, of course.

@eevee mastodon admins kinda act like IRC ops
if someone's bugging some users, then the ops might ban them

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