tired: legal gender
wired: illegal gender

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i'm legally a girl, which suggests that at some point i was illegally a girl, which is cyberpunk as fuck

gender: F. was hoping for at least a D+ but whatcha gonna do

@eevee I got an X, so what, that's an incomplete I guess?

Joking aside, congrats on taking another big step in your life! You will always be a genderpunk in your heart.

@Alistor it's actually been the case for a while! god i'm doing this all out of order haha

@eevee As far as I learned, there is no order. I got my gender marker changed at the DMV (oregon), on HRT but still haven't done name paperwork!

@eevee your gender is an F? I didn't even score that high :(

@eevee I feel like it's also important to remember

be gay and do crimes has an asterisk

that asterisk reads 'don't get caught'

masto's public. let's all tread lightly

@eevee I still gotta wait a couple of months untill im legally a girl, so i'm p cyberpunk rn

@eevee the line I like to use is "that F is the only one I've ever gotten in my life, and I *earned* it"

@eevee I've been illegally nonbinary and it's still outlawed in my state, so y'know, :blobcatgooglyshrug: fuck the gender police

@BradleySmall visit an extremely low-paperwork state like arkansas, apparently

@eevee well, I am glad the state now recognized you the way you see yourself, And if you ever make it to NC you should have no problems using the bathroom of your choice. :) Although they were pushing for "Gender on your birth certificate" for bathroom usage, I so wanted them to say "Driver's License" so it could become a racial issue like voter ID. But hey, politics suck

@eevee you got a permit for that gender?
(screencap of a pseudo-old movie with hasselhoff sitting in a car with the window cracked, looking at the viewer; originally from kung fury, the dialogue would go "you got a permit for those guns?")

@eevee but legalize weed too. this stuff's great. also psychedelics

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