forget playing games fast. let's MAKE some games fast. that's right, it's ๐ŸŽฎ GAMES MADE QUICK??? III ๐ŸŽฎ

make a video game during agdq! especially if you've never made a game before, because they'll all be bad so no one will notice if yours is too!

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also might i suggest this userscript i wrote last year, which turns every row of the agdq schedule into a progress bar and greys out games that have already finished, so you can tell what the hell is going on?

i feel like i am making my way through a dense jungle where no human has ever set foot, but there's a camera now

(if you try to scroll off the top left it panics)

at this point the game freezes and i am not sure why

it's not a panic, i think? i wrote a panic handler and it's not going off, but also i didn't test it in any way

ok i fixed my panic handler and it is definitely panicking. hot damn, though, a stack trace in a game boy game

i've been making regular commits so i figure i might as well throw them on github! this code is all very bad please don't read it thanks

hey there's collision but i forgot to put the gif here? and now it's outdated. but here's a screenshot. a lot of work has gone into this in the last couple days i swear.

@eevee it kills me that like a decade later they still don't at least auto-hide the days that are already past?

@shaderphantom @marrub plus some stuff to add gba headers and whatnot but yeah it's surprisingly close to just being a standard cross-compile

@eevee @shaderphantom fascinating, any idea how one would create targets for (for instance) 6502, z80 or a custom VM, or documentation for such things (if it exists)?

@marrub @shaderphantom i briefly looked into this and it seems like a huge pain in the ass?? it'd be an llvm target since that's what rust relies on for generating actual machine code

but on, say, a game boy or nes, i don't know if you have enough register space or ram or useful instructions for a modern compiler to do much

@shaderphantom @marrub i think the more pressing problem is that llvm cannot currently spit out z80 code, haha

@eevee @shaderphantom cool stuff, might have to look into writing LLVM code, there's a lot about compilers and linkers I want to learn. as for the feasibility, that isn't much a concern for me :P

@eevee is there any better tooling for gba game dev in rust than a copy of the libgba headers and a steady hand? last i looked a few months ago, the crates about gba support had exactly enough functionality for a tech demo that drew pixels on the screen, and documentation that said something like "yeah it's super not finished, but this document will teach you enough that you can make your own support for stuff from scratch" :P

@lifning the gba crate just had a major update like less than a week ago that added a lot more stuff haha

i mean worst case you can write to addresses, which is basically what you'd be doing from c anyway

@eevee oh sweet! and yeah writing to addresses was what i meant by a steady hand :P i'll have to check that out.. (sorta wanted an excuse to reimplement the principles described in but having to build literally everything from memory pokes was a few yaks too many for me to shave)

@lifning tbh it's kind of ugly either way and i'm just going to shove it in some utility functions eventually

@eevee the game binary was written in rust? awesome :o

@eevee that's pretty cool! Are you gonna have a post on it?

@eevee Looks cool!
Now I wonder if nogc DLang could be shoehorned to z80/gba ๐Ÿค”

@Clipsey compiling anything to z80 seems to beโ€ฆ perilous

gba is just arm though so why not

@eevee oooh. how easy is it to do inline ARMv4 assembly in rust

@jk i've never done it but i think you can literally do

unsafe { asm!("...") }

@eevee @jk It's an unstable feature but if you're on nightly it should be fine.

@eevee โ€œIf your python points to Python 2,โ€ <โ€” wtf, who made it point to anything else, that is not ok

@zwol arch has had `python` mean 3 for, uh, so many years i'd forgotten it was ever not like that

@eevee but but but, it means there is nothing you can put on an #! line that will universally get you a specific one of v2 or v3 (because โ€œpython2โ€ and โ€œpython3โ€ donโ€™t always exist). i have spent far too much of my life trying to make shell scripts portable, i canโ€™t not worry about these things

@eevee now iโ€™m wondering if itโ€™s possible to write a wrapper program that runs under both v2 and v3 (bonus points for _any version of_ both, not just 2.7 and 3.4+) and goes out and finds a v3.4+ interpreter no matter what itโ€™s called and runs the real program with that.

@supertallsandra I did make a GBA game in a month one time. Maybe I should try that again sometime.

@vikxin i was more pointing out that the emulator being used is mGBA and the developer is one of my favs ever?

@eevee I'm confused and exceptionally dumb at tech, how do I use this once I've downloaded it?

@CoronaCoreanici install greasemonkey or tampermonkey or some other sort of userscript monkey, then visit the url again and it should prompt to install the script and you're done

@eevee oh gosh, thank you for posting this! ive been looking for a reason to get into gamedev and this is perfect <3

@eevee Let's hope I have time to join.

Also, I clicked on that game concept generator, and after a few tries it gave me "Nude Beach Management", which is, wow, Strawberry Jam material jackpot.

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