trying to resurrect my zdoom lua branch, but large chunks of the runtime now exist in a /separate/ scripting system which is making that difficult

i'm not even sure how to iterate over an inventory from c++ any more

also the "scripted" versions still involve manually following a linked list and i am just so sad about this

this omnipresent type blocks direct use of `new` but there is no documentation on this or what i'm supposed to do instead; that information exists only in the commit that made the change

slade is eternally broken, zscript makes me sad to look at, gzdoom source is impenetrable, i'm bad at rust. what kind of doom shenanigans does that even leave

@eevee sad about cpp dependencies or defunct scripting? Dead scripts make me sadder tbh they’re like treasure maps to nothing in a language I don’t know

@chead sad about a whole custom scripting language being added and it's basically just interpreted c++. unbelievable amount of missed potential

@chead bingo

dev didn't want lua because it's sloppy and he likes the rigor of c++

dev also didn't want non-nullable pointers because c++ doesn't have them so he doesn't see the need

@eevee this dev needs some self-reflection and that’s not even a pun

@astraluma @eevee There's this project, but it's very early and its creator only seems to tinker with it every so often:

@eevee that's a better unpacking than the real one (was compiler, which doesn't really compile). I wrote a haskell reimplementation if that sounds interesting (called "liquorice")

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