hey there gamers. do you wish most doom 2 maps had the impeccable monster placement of The Plutonia Experiment? well i have great news: here's a little gameplay mod, just for you. it's Plutonia Mode

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@eevee Thankfully counterfoiled by me being too lazy
I'll just do it lol

@eevee Insert "this is revolting, i HATE it, more please" clip here

@zoe that's extra cool because i filtered it to only work for doom 2, since doom 1 obviously doesn't have the assets

hmm that means i should probably fix the cyberdemon and mastermind boss behaviors. that'll be super annoying for cyberdemon

@eevee nicely done. zscript could also retexture random sectors to non-damaging blood floor, but aesthetic plutoniazation is a whole can of worms...

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