please enjoy WasteNot, a tiny eco-friendly gzdoom addon that will track exactly how many resources you're wasting by picking up an entire goddamn shell box when you're at 99/100

almost certainly buggy as hell

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@eevee as someone who spends far too much time micromanaging exactly when to grab pickups and powerups, eat my ass

@eevee hmm, cool... i kinda want to make an Evil version of this where every ammo wasted turns into HP damage taken

@jplebreton oh my god you are a cruel genius

health wasted is added to a random monster's max health...

@eevee @jplebreton how about map time penalty with new pars for each map

@shaderphantom @jplebreton par times are generally nonsense unfortunately. i don't know if they were even updated in final doom

@eevee @jplebreton spawn a monster in when you waste ammo... the type of monster is based on how much ammo you go over.

@eevee @jplebreton it's kinda cool for armor because you'll likely always trigger it. "i could get that armor... but is it worth it if it spawns in a pain elemental behind me"

@wilkie @jplebreton oh man armor is super harsh too. in tnt map01 i grabbed a green armor and then almost immediately a blue armor, and wastenot dutifully recorded that i had wasted 100 green armor

@wilkie @jplebreton 100 green armor is absolutely not worth a cyberdemon

maybe if i grab a megasphere at 180/180

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