it's cool how twitter doles out (almost certainly) 100% automated punishments, tells you that multiple such punishments might get you permanently banned, and then gives you the two options of:

1. delete the tweet, thereby implicitly admitting guilt and adding to some mystery permaban counter

2. appeal, wait 35 hours and counting for an actual human, and be completely unable to use twitter in the meantime. can't read it, can't DM, can't even switch accounts on android

meanwhile an entire twitter /account/ dedicated solely to harassing us has existed for two years with nary a blip

and of course this tweet is a mockery of things i have seen terfs say about trans women, for which they are presumably not punished. glinner called a queer studies university course "grooming" a few days ago, 600k followers, nbd apparently

Glinner was actually suspended, presumably for that, imo legally defamatory, tweet.

@eevee Aren't they always mad? (Also, low key the pandemic is making everybody mad)

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