hello i spent the last twelve days doing absolutely nothing but making this video game, so please play it thank you. it's about my cat and also our other cats

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@eevee that was very sweet. <3 Explore well Branch Commander.

@eevee I'm? Love this

i gotta play the other game :3

@eevee I assumed there was only a 1 and 1.5, I'm gonna play both :)

@68km oh ok, yeah, the itch page mentions that 1Β½ is a kinda-sorta leadup to 2

1 is a bit different:

@eevee hello i'll have you know i just 100%ed this on Ultra Nightmare Mode (using a model01)

@flussence it's not QUITE the same but i have a pocketchip and kinda want to try it on that

@eevee oh that's an... interesting keyboard


good thing I left the tab open at the end, NOW it's 100%

@eevee the music loop is great. I like the use of 2D map. The ⭐ star ⭐ where I fall I thought and I would fall down but I dropped from the top of the screen was very neat.

@heroicsoftware thank you! i don't have a lot of music experience so i'm really happy with how this came out

and yeah that is probably my favorite star hahaha

@eevee Best things so far: The little landing stars, and the fact that things fly out of the box on the top right when you use them.

@eevee Also, good use of mechanics in that the teleporting really changes things up in an interesting way, and also that meowing at doors obviously opens them, obviously.

@eevee Got 48/50 glasses and I immediately realised I had forgotten the teleporting, again.

Also graphics were lovely in general.

@eevee Only negatives were that the sense of place never quite came together, but that is probably super hard to do right with the Pico-8 limitations. The door mazes kind of made that a bit worse, maybe?

Also, meowing on the final screen did not work. Knocking a full eight points off for that.

@eevee Also, watching you work on this made me want to do some pixel game work too but instead of actually doing it I went back and started working on a nice pixel rendering window and crap.

@eevee That was really good!
The variety of mechanics was neat, and I spent a lot of time meowing and knocking things over X3
I did get lost quite a lot, but not enough to get properly annoying (unlike, say, Quake 2).

All the little details, so good <3

@eevee I love this! Finally finished it today πŸ‘

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