enjoy: LEXY'S LABYRINTH, a puzzle game that's coincidentally compatible with chip's challenge!

play curated community levels spanning 20+ years, play the original bowep levels if you've got them, or brave the WIP editor and share your own with a link! it even works on phones, sort of, if your browser is really up to date!

(coming later: chip's challenge 2 support, an easier way to play the official steam releases, and maybe even an editor that can actually save!)

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@WAHa_06x36 they do appear, but do nothing? that's weird, anything in dev console?

@eevee In Chrome there is an outline on the element when clicking, but that doesn't happen on Safari either, if that helps at all.

@eevee For some reason, the thing that strikes me the most is how good the level-end screen background gradient looks? Why does it look so good, it's just a blue gradient.

@WAHa_06x36 i do not know, it's black magic. it makes me feel like i accomplished something and i want to see it again

@eevee Seems to work! The game view is half scrolled off the screen at the start though, but if you scroll down the rest seems to work!

@WAHa_06x36 mobile browsers really are not happy about the way i fill the viewport for some reason, ugh

@eevee still says bummer when you mess up, A+ game of the year

@eevee I saw someone mention it on twitter, but perhaps it would be worth adding an ∞ over top of the green key in your inventory, in a similar fashion to the counters for the other keys when you have multiple of them

Also it throws console errors if you beat the last level in a pack, oops

@KS lmao yeah i don't have an ending

also that's a bit tricky since the key rules are more complicated in cc2 and it does matter how many green keys you have...

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