enjoy: LEXY'S LABYRINTH, a puzzle game that's coincidentally compatible with chip's challenge!

play curated community levels spanning 20+ years, play the original bowep levels if you've got them, or brave the WIP editor and share your own with a link! it even works on phones, sort of, if your browser is really up to date!


(coming later: chip's challenge 2 support, an easier way to play the official steam releases, and maybe even an editor that can actually save!)

β‘’ today i bring you: an interactive visualization of the six trig functions, which imo makes them make way more sense than basically anything i've seen c.eev.ee/viz/trig-functions.ht

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please enjoy WasteNot, a tiny eco-friendly gzdoom addon that will track exactly how many resources you're wasting by picking up an entire goddamn shell box when you're at 99/100


almost certainly buggy as hell

daily comics thread

this one is from aug 1 and i forgot i was doing them the next day lol

hey there gamers. do you wish most doom 2 maps had the impeccable monster placement of The Plutonia Experiment? well i have great news: here's a little gameplay mod, just for you. it's Plutonia Mode


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