@kescher @jk i /did/ brick a laptop once by trying to update it after six months, during which there had been a breaking change to glibc

but yeah realtalk arch is cool if you update it very very regularly and also love messing with linux (i do)

@jk arch should make "doesn't work and is fucking terrible" its tagline, would resolve a lot of distro confusion (source: i also use arch)

@wolf480pl calling None in python throws an exception. calling NULL in c is a likely security issue

also i'm not aware of any dynamic language that doesn't let you identify a function (though c, being fairly weakly-typed, would let you store a function pointer in an integer and vice versa)

@Archivist @unascribed love to use languages where half the basic functionality is considered gravely dangerous

@unascribed that drives me up the wall but honestly the explanation seems to be that c++ programmers think "static typing" is literally "whatever c++ does", similar to how they define OO

once again fondly recalling the guy designing a DSL who insisted on static types because how can you possibly program without them, but refused any kind of static null checking because c++ doesn't have that and it works fine so it must be unnecessary

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according to hacker news, the ideal programmer can keep the entirety of a massive complex system in their head all at once and instantly analyze all possible data flow paths, but is a total fucking idiot when it comes to basic local tasks like adding numbers together

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thinking about how there's a nontrivial set of programmers who are gungho about both "if you use after free that's your fault for not programming better you inept clown" AND "no i need the computer to tell me not to call an integer like it's a function", simultaneously

@monorail i would think the role of the visitor is to do the actual calculating?

i TOTALLY FORGOT to mention here but πŸ“ STRAWBERRY JAM 5!!! πŸ“ is happening RIGHT NOW itch.io/jam/strawberry-jam-5

i TOTALLY FORGOT to mention here but πŸ“ STRAWBERRY JAM 5!!! πŸ“ is happening RIGHT NOW itch.io/jam/strawberry-jam-5

meta meta 

man, for better or worse, lack of qts and full search makes it really fuckin hard to track down what the hell is ever going on on here

snouts meta 

on the one hand, snouts was pretty instrumental in making the fediverse feel inhospitable from the very beginning, so i am not sad to see it go

on the other hand, sucks for everyone who is now stuck scrambling to clean up the resulting mess


shocking that the names i most prominently remember making a huge fuss when my spouse and i first showed up on fedi... are... exactly the same people i see mentioned at the center of the current snouts implosion

@WAHa_06x36 mobile browsers really are not happy about the way i fill the viewport for some reason, ugh

@KS lmao yeah i don't have an ending

also that's a bit tricky since the key rules are more complicated in cc2 and it does matter how many green keys you have...

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