A "verification" system tying each battery to a specific phone is a huge blow to your ability to repair your own devices.

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@eff this is the latest example in a long list of examples showcasing we need legislation to stop companies from even attempting these kind of stunts.If Apple really wanted to keep there profit margins and turnover rates they should innovate there products and offer a better customer experience than there competition not tie you to there subpar services and overpriced (and often incorrect) geniuses. Both Louis Rossmann and Jessa Jones have show there 💩 many times. It’s 🕒2🛑

If I hadn't already recently decided to move away from Apple and its infamous walled garden, this news would have been the decider.

@eff IMHO, vendors are free to include a battery "verification" system and warn customers if non-official components are used, and it may even be beneficial - as long as the user can override it.

If Apple just displays a warning in the "Battery Health" page that says battery is not the original one, while still functioning as normal and displaying battery usage statistics, it would be a net-positive outcome.

Unfortunately, Apple will always be Apple. If new devices refuse to boot, don't be surprised.

@eff I can't wait to see an x509 lightning cable

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