Twitter’s abuse of phone numbers for ad tech threatens to undermine people’s trust in the critical protection that two-factor authentication offers.

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@eff Try as they might, they've never gotten (and will never get) my phone number.

Fortunately, I had other trust issues with them before they ever asked for it.

@eff Phone numbers should never be used for 2FA. Use an authentication app instead.

Phone numbers are the Achilles' Heel of 2FA. On 3 occasions, Twitter somehow decided I was running a bot and demanded my mobile number and do the Stupid Human Tricks before I could log on. I went back into my Prefs and deleted the number from my profile info, but some hope, huh?

Christ, man, the goddamn phone is where all the shit comes in. I've gotten more spam texts in the past 2 days than I've had in the past 5 years. Thanks, Twitter.

@flugennock @eff Yeah, they forced me to put my number in a while back. Now the only phone calls I get are robo calls. Woo hoo. Thanks for selling my number fuckos.

@flugennock @eff Lol Twatter that trash site did it again there is no mistake they did it on purpose. People are so gullible to stay there any longer if people had sense they would get off of Twitter and dump that site.

@jessemarioneaux @eff
I came over here — originally to .social — about a year and a half ago, after my third trip to the Twitter Time-Out Corner for talking mean to celebrities and then getting my Russian Influence Threat Letter.

I'm spending as least as much time here as I do on Twitter now, and actually enjoying it more. The news is all still bad, but the environment is waaayyy less toxic here.

@flugennock @eff I have noticed it the first day since I have been permanently axed off of Twitter it is much better here. I agree about the environment it is way better Twitter is a toxic dump it is almost like a radioactive dump over there.

@eff @IceWolf coolcoolcool, so everyone is free to do this now apparently

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