Tor for Android is a mobile browser by @torproject that provides both privacy and anonymity online by masking who you are and where you are connecting as you browse. Review our guide on using Tor for Android to get set up.

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@eff @torproject is it meaningful to install it if I'm already using orbot + firefox focus?

Yes. Because TOR Project itself has developed this new integrated Android app instead of the previous Orbit+Orfox duo.

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@eff @torproject
But that's just for surfing the web, right?

To #torify other apps, there's #Orbot from the #GuardianProject,

On modern Android you can set Orbot up as your VPN and route all traffic through it. I suggest setting "Always-on VPN" and "Block connections without VPN" to avoid leakage, just know that services depending on UDP won't work (and if they do, they're not using Tor).

You can also select individual apps to torify, instead of running as VPN service

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