Private companies can exclude who they want. But the closer you get to the Internet's core infrastructure, the more troubling those exclusions become.

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@eff yes. kicking people out of the internet exchanges, denying them connectivity, is going to be quite the prickly thing.

it's also really weird how hard it is for me to get money from my bank into someone else's bank, & that's another piece of core infrastructure/survival for us all.

The core problem remains: regardless of whether we agree with an individual decision, these decisions overall have not and will not be made democratically and in line with the requirements of transparency and due process, and instead are made by a handful of individuals, in a handful of companies, most distanced and least visible to the most Internet users. Whether you agree with those decisions or not, you will not be a part of them, nor be privy to their considerations. And unless we dismantle the increasingly centralized chokepoints in our global digital infrastructure, we can anticipate an escalating political battle between political factions and nation states to seize control of their powers.

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