It sounds unconstitutional because it is. The government should not be able to buy geolocation data gathered by the apps on your phone without a warrant.

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@eff Constitution? What's that? I've been following this guy and his privacy tips. I haven't implemented everything, but it's very interesting. Anyone have an opinion on his advice?

@JeremyCouch @eff You're getting #privacy tips from a #CloudFlare website? yikes. And when we visit the unjailed copy of that page in #WaybackMachine, it's just a blank page apparently b/c Rob Braxman managed to screw up something that should just be a matter of simple HTML: So we can't even see what he has to say about

@resist1984 @eff is a free speech YouTube alternative where this guy uploads his videos. I'm not sure what you're trying to say. It's a newer URL so it might not show up at yet would be my guess.

@JeremyCouch @eff The website proxies through #CloudFlare, which *impedes* speech. Tor users are blocked & non-Tor users have their privacy abused, the wise ones of which use a plugin to block CloudFlare sites. If you hit F12 & go to the network tab, click on a file, you'll see "cf-ray" in the header. That means it's a CF site.

@resist1984 @eff Okay, thanks for the info. Just because the video hosting site uses CF doesn't invalidate the information that the guy is providing in his videos though.

@eff What's most disturbing, #EFF, is that we simply expect the gov to stop buying commercially available data, as if that would end privacy abuse.. as if corporations don't abuse it themselves. The real fix here is for the ppl to stop feeding the data brokers.

@resist1984 @eff For a start, DoH and VPN usage can reduce the amount of data available for ISPs to mine.

@rporter @eff that's a good start, as long as #CloudFlare is not the VPN provider & out of the DoH loop. OTOH, the VPN just moves the risk to the VPN svc, so #Orbot/Tor is better. But in the context of the OP, neither will help if the app xmits your IMEI w/gps coords.

@resist1984 @eff For the average user, total privacy is impractical. My focus with my clients is to help them avoid accidentally giving data to the major players, such as Google or Facebook.

@rporter @eff The tech giants (#MACFANG) is not where the gov gets the location tracking data. Tech giants profit more by keeping that secret & abusing it themselves. The location tracking data the gov buys comes from a hole-in-the-wall broker. I forgot the name of the company but there are many apps in Playstore that collect the data.

@eff @rporter You won't likely be able to get your clients to avoid #Google Playstore and use #Fdroid, but luckily that hole-in-the-wall data broker has an opt-out option.

@rporter @eff I wish I could recall the name of that company and the opt-out procedure. In any case, you could best serve your clients by opting out on their behalf.

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