Twitter's "Project Blue Sky" promises an interoperable, decentralized, protocol-based future. Yes please!

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I share your scepticism. This Blue Sky thing miraculously started being widely promoted at the same time Twitter saw a mass exodus. Despite the fact that it has apparently been in existence for a few years. During which I had never heard of it.
Twitter wants an interoperable, decentralized, protocol-based future like turkeys want Christmas.

@eff I really like this piece. I will absolutely be referencing this when I try to talk to my friends and family about these things.

@eff hopefully we see some of these ideas & values in their new birdwatch experiment.

@eff I think it's naive to think that the bigger platforms won't totally dominate such structures.
We see similar things with E-Mail servers where Google and Microsoft decide who is able to access the open world of flowing information. And we also know which damage Facebook did to the XMPP community.

And last but not least: Do we really want to federat with Twitter which proved a lack of enforced moderation and unequal decision making?

Interoperability yes but we need leverages

@eff @eest9 "embrace, extend, extinguish"

This isn't a new playbook.
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