Fiber is the superior medium for carrying fixed broadband by almost every metric: available bandwidth, SNR, theoretical capacity, real-world throughput, latency, and jitter. Learn more about why Fiber is a superior medium for 21st century broadband

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@eff I just had gigabit symmetric fiber turned up at my (very rural) house. A local ISP is pushing "fiber to the farm" and it is life-changing. My previous options were terrestrial wireless or (more recently) Starlink.

@eff THIS. Only issue being this would empower the user "too much", allowing users to cut down on collectable wifi #metadata, the OOB WiFi networks ISP's enjoy running ('hidden'), minimizing #MassSurveillance. #DataCollection #Privacy #Fiber #WiFi #Privacy

@eff Too bad Germany totally dropped the ball to get the infrastructure for fiber going - until 5G came along and now promises to solve all of the above - somehow.

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