Another disturbing development in Ecuador's political prosecution of free software developer, Ola Bini: An expert for his defense was raided by police in the middle of the night.

The police refused to show a warrant or let him see a lawyer.

If you wouldn’t tell Facebook—and all of its advertisers—the details of your dating life, you should think twice about asking the company to play matchmaker.

Our civil liberties are at risk from law enforcement's unregulated and unchecked use of face recognition. Learn more in our report, "Face Off."

RT @cypurrnyc: Zuck: Ok how about this, we make a clear history button, that doesn't actually do anything....

People: That doesn't make an…

West Orange: September 9th at 7pm, check out this debate about Ring, featuring the Executive Director of Electronic Frontier Alliance group @STOPSpyingNY

RT @curlsinthelib: Do you run a website? Is your website encrypted (HTTPS)? No? Can you make it that way please? This little change is some…

Weekend project: Are you helping your family to change their social media settings to be more private? You might want to try this lesson plan by the Security Education Companion

"You would have to be pretty desperate with all of its history of privacy scandals to give Facebook any more insight into your life than you already have,” EFF's @jgkelley says of Facebook's new Dating service

Brooklyn: This Sunday, explore "How the Internet (sort of) Works" with Electronic Frontier Alliance group @cypurrnyc.

Passwords don't have to be long and hard to remember to be secure! Grab some dice and learn why.

Need a gift idea for an upcoming birthday or holiday? @nmillerche at sent us this idea: combine EFF dice and word list inside of a decorative container to build a password generator kit!

Raleigh: Join Electronic Frontier Alliance Group @DefCon919 this Sunday at 4pm for a talk on Industrial Control System security.

Gene Crick, longtime digital rights activist and former president of EFF-Austin, had a passion for inclusiveness and a vision of enabling underserved communities and organizations all over Texas—and beyond—to connect with each other and the world.

We're excited to celebrate the winners of the 2019 Pioneer Awards in one week, and we're proud to welcome you to the ceremony!

We’re hiring! Join a workplace with:
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@thsprsntdrknss Writing this piece took dozens of student researchers from @RSJNevada and work from @eff. Be on the lookout for more info on the process we used to create it, and how we think law enforcement should make it easier, next week.

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