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California: Tell your lawmakers in Sacramento to support AB 1215. Mass biometric surveillance should not be the new normal.

RT @eff: News media are starting to report that Facebook has turned face recognition into an “opt-in” feature for all users.

But Facebook…

Every day we're going to see new attempts by big tech to kill the already-passed California Consumer Privacy Act before it passes, and keep them from having to change their tracking- and surveillance-powered ad system.

Here's the latest:

News media are starting to report that Facebook has turned face recognition into an “opt-in” feature for all users.

But Facebook’s announcement, while far from clear, definitely does not say that face recognition is now opt-in for all users.

We remember Gene Crick, a digital rights activist and former president of EFF-Austin, who passed away last month.

Austin! Join Electronic Frontier Alliance Group @EFF-Austin at 6:30pm today for their Indieweb Meetup.

EFF’s Executive Director, Cindy Cohn, answers some frequently asked questions about protecting our privacy, fighting surveillance, and why we need to future-proof society:

“There’s a reason why the @InternetAssn and other companies are suddenly excited about federal rules, and that’s because a few states have put in place strong state privacy rules and [Big Tech is] not happy about that.” EFF’s @cmcsherr tells @Marketplace

What surveillance technologies are cops using in San Diego County? EFF and @RSJNevada teamed up to write this overview of police tech for @SDCityBeat. You can pick up a free copy from news boxes this week.

@SenHannahBeth @InternetAssn Bloomberg reports that Google lobbyists are asking California lawmakers directly to exempt their surveillance adtech business model from California's privacy law.

“This blows up the entire purpose of the CCPA,” says @SenHannahBeth Jackson.

RT @johnwilander: “[Google is] continuing to argue that third-party cookies are actually fine, and companies like Apple and Mozilla who wou…

Private companies that try to build censorship systems for the Internet aren't bound by the First Amendment, but they can run afoul of antitrust law when competitors team up to force a commercial rival off the Internet

PharmacyChecker’s antitrust suit is an important test case for fighting back against shadow regulation—the use of private agreements with the Internet’s gatekeepers to regulate the speech of others

The STRONGER Patents Act is a batch of bad ideas that's back again in 2019. We need reviews at the patent office to weed out bad patents; STRONGER makes patent office reviews weaker.

At the last moment, Ola Bini's prosecutors have changed the charges against him—another irregularity in a case filled with them:

Two months ago, CA State @SenHannahBeth Jackson successfully protected the CCPA from other anti-privacy amendments. We must continue to protect the CCPA from these kinds of self-serving, pro-surveillance amendments backed by the @InternetAssn.

The @InternetAssn is targeting California with ads AND California lawmakers with lobbying: it spent nearly $176,000 to lobby the CA legislature just last quarter.

What do leading members of the Internet Association have to say about the IA's misleading anti-privacy campaign?
"Facebook declined to comment, and Google did not respond to requests for comment."

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