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RT @eff: The Ninth Circuit’s recent ruling in Patel v. Facebook shows what all of us must do now: contact our federal and state legislators…

You can’t get patent an abstract idea just by adding computer jargon to its claims. That legal principle is critical to victories like Justus Decher’s—and it’s under attack.

If you are in California and wonder why your broadband access choices are so limited, you should tell your legislature it’s time for a change.

Want to learn more about how to protect yourself online, or your rights as an Internet user? Find an allied group in the Electronic Frontier Alliance near you!

California: AB 1215 reflects widespread concern over face surveillance. Cameras intended to improve police accountability should not be used to build a mass biometric surveillance network. Please tell your state senator to support this bill.

The Ninth Circuit’s recent ruling in Patel v. Facebook shows what all of us must do now: contact our federal and state legislators, and demand that they enact strong consumer data privacy

Coming up with a strong password doesn't have to be hard. Use dice to make a password that is easy for you to remember but hard for computers to guess.

If you didn't make it to Las Vegas this year, or you didn't make it to the EFF booth, we are very sorry to have missed you. We're always grateful for your support, wherever it comes from.

We want to offer a huge thanks to every single one of you who donated to EFF or renewed your membership during BSidesLV, Black Hat, and DEF CON.

It means the world to us that so many care about the work we do, and we couldn't do it without you.

This year’s Pioneer Awards will honor a trailblazing scholar, tireless privacy activists, and the author who coined the term “cyberspace.” Join us on September 12th!

“Quite simply, encryption keeps you safe.” - @schneierblog

Learn the basics of using encryption in our guide

A federal appeals court has ruled that Section 230 bars civil terrorism claims against social media companies. Without Section 230, discussion and research on important topics—like terrorism—would be screened or censored.

Want to help your neighbors learn more about digital rights? We’re looking for folks with even a small local network, and want to help you build one. It takes just a handful of allies to join the Electronic Frontier Alliance!

Your influence over federal policy reaches an apogee during August, when Members of Congress return home from Washington. Take advantage of this chance to share your concerns! Our suggestions can make it easy.

Censorship proposals intended to hurt large Internet companies would actually protect them from competition. Don’t be surprised if those companies fail to put up a fight.

Kids shouldn’t be required to submit to random searches of their electronic devices and social media accounts as a condition of probation. We applaud California’s Supreme Court for recognizing this as a sweeping privacy violation.

This Saturday, EFF's @evacide will be at the "Rise of the Hackers" panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con! She'll be there with @google's @laparisa, @myhackerhouse founder @Jennifer_Arcuri, and @sheeraf from @nytimes. Panel starts at 5PM in Room 212ABCD

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