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The EU proposes fighting tech monopolism with interop; as we explain in “The GDPR, Privacy and Monopoly,” Europe’s strong privacy laws make interop a safe, powerful way to give us all technological self-determination.

is a powerful tool to fight tech monopolies, but it also poses a danger: what if new competitors fight to see who can invade our privacy best? That’s where the comes in:

Today, we published "The GDPR, Privacy and Monopoly," analysing the advantages the confers on policymakers promoting .

It builds on "Privacy Without Monopoly," our pioneering work on interop and privacy:

Starting now: If you’re an advocate working with survivors of intimate partner violence, you should know all you can about stalkerware.
Watch EFF’s @evacide in a panel discussion on cyberstalking—register for free with code CYBERAA. CLE credit available!

Get the nerd in your life a year-long gift by donating in their honor. You can choose EFF gear and a membership for them, too!

Victory! All cheating allegations against students at Dartmouth’s School of Medicine have been dropped, after students, EFF, @TheFIREorg, and others spoke out against this dangerous dragnet investigation.

By 2018, forensic genetic genealogy searching had already been used in at least 200 cases where officers never sought a warrant or any legal process at all, because there were no state or federal laws requiring them to do so. That's starting to change.

Universities, especially public ones, need to reconsider this plan to form a patent bullying organization that's unlikely to help anyone but the lawyers.

The anniversary of George Floyd's murder has inspired us to reflect on the ways in which we have been able to support the critical work of the Black-led movement against police violence.

EFF's @cSchmon on the possibilities of the EU's Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act: "If done right, it can foster innovation and put users back in control of their online experience."

Schools must be careful when collecting health-related data, even when it's "anonymized" or "aggregated," says EFF's @htsuka. "It doesn’t take a lot of data points to re-identify something."

At ? Today at 12:30 PT, join @eff @accessnow @derechosdigital @article19org @cippic @XRSIdotorg @kentbye @avibarzeev @InfosecVandana @brittanheller for a Café-style conversation with the human rights and the AR/VR community.

Paraguay: @tedicpy nos alerta de un peligroso intento por parte de su Congreso para crear un registro biométrico como requisito para que los paraguayos accedan a los servicios de teléfonía móvil.

RT @edri: The hastily adopted new Cybercrime Protocol undermines the Council of Europe’s reputation as a global human rights champion. @edr

At ? Join @eff @cippic @accessnow @XRSIdotorg @cippic @article19org @andreeavr @avibarzeev @whoisgallifrey @kentbye @theextendedmind @joejerome to help chart the path for an AR/VR future that respects human rights.

We've joined forces with organizations and individuals in Palestine and all over the world to call on Facebook to stop silencing Palestinians, operate with greater transparency, and more. Learn more about the campaign and sign our petition here:

Police are rifling through the genetic data of millions of Americans who are not suspects and have no connection to the crimes being investigated. This is not how criminal investigations are supposed to work, and two new state laws will help minimize it.

Join us next Wednesday 6/16 at 12pm PT for another installment of EFF At Home: Pride Month Edition. We'll be joined by @HadiDamien @xychelsea @thotscholar and @IanColdwater

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