Trump broke my build pipeline 馃槀

Moa 1 5 6

This is absurd. My build pipeline is red thanks to Donald Trump.

@moritzheiber He shutdown the US government, which shutdown NIST, who shutdown their security vulnerability database, which shutdown my CI.

@effy that鈥檚.. fantastic. Also, you probably can鈥檛 keep a local copy, right?

@moritzheiber The tool we're using does cache, but there wasn't any (due to Docker volumes or nightly wiped agent instances)

@effy ayyy, fair. Time to keep it somewhere else I guess?

@moritzheiber I think we will probably just make that step ignore failures until NIST is back tbh

Infosec, US pol/45, light absurdity [CW-boost] 

(See parent; this is in lieu of a boost so I could add a CW.)

@effy That's the problem with putting integration tests in your build!

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