@effy going to go and guess they just blag it based on a list of name-gender assignments and it'll fail hilariously, and towards "he", on any gender neutral names

@effy also lol at using "accuracy: 99" as a get-out clause for when they get it wrong

my first thought was "oh are they acknowledging nonbinary pronouns" but no obviously nobody who's worked on this will have even thought of that

@effy *waves a list of boy and girl names* Big Data!!

@effy would love to see how they gender email addresses, how do they categorise sexy_lil_chinchilla_420@provider.com ?

@effy this is cursed for so many different reasons and i just can't anymore

@effy capitalism was a mistake. How is there even a market for this?

gender shite 

I tested it with two names "Jeena" and "Kim" both were detected as female while the owners are male. The detection was worse than chance.

@effy all that angsting about my gender and I didn’t even realise that I could leave it up to corporations to decide


@VioB @effy Hasn’t Facebook been doing this for 10 years already?

@josef @effy Can't say, never been on FB; but yeah, I won't be any surprised.

@effy AMAB now means "Assigned Male At <Button type='submit'>"

@effy What a dreadful idea - there are so many reasons why this is awful.

@effy I'm trying to think where the possible error would be acceptable but you'd also have a non-stupid reason to need gender in the first place?

@effy Wait, is that real?! Holy shit o.o 100% thought it was a joke for a good few seconds 😿

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