Somehow pdb is crashing while debugging, preventing me from exiting and forcing me to close the terminal window.

Would anyone like the n64 game Hybrid Heaven? I have just the cartridge. No manual or box and no n64 in which to play it. Willing to pay shipping too.

Better to have scooted and gotten a flat tire than never to have scooted at all

Did my magic incantations wrong and have to recompile gcc with libjit enabled...

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One place the analogy of a programming language doesn’t align for me is that I never struggle with the decision of what language to use when I’m saying something.

Does anyone here use Yesod to build websites? How did you get started? I’m reading the book and watching some Michael Snoyman talks.

We’re the paddles in Sonic Spinball unresponsive on the Genesis or is the one on Sonic plus collection for PS2 not a good emulation?

Either Haskell isn’t like riding a bike or I never learned me a Haskell in the first place.

It’s weird that fedi is way more radical but also way more chill than birdsite

I’m starting to use org roam for tracking information for articles. It’s hard to decide in advance what links might be useful and their directionality. Maybe I just need to use it for a while and figure out what works.

I just heard a song by Judee Sill and it’s like Elliott Smith took her whole thing and kept going

If I wanted to go to Minneapolis to help clean up tomorrow morning are there organizers I could follow?

Stop emailing my wife over a 5G network connection

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