Chanting my own name as i enter the house cause I'm worth it

things I remember about The Computer from 2004:

- had a designated Computer Room
- had to start the computer with a chain like a lawn mower
- took 12 minutes to POST
- had to hand-siphon the internet from a well
- the router screamed at you
- AOL instant messenger
- ASL?

Doing twitter for work over sms to keep the app off my phone

when you (i) stop trying to be the smartest person in every room, you (i) realize how many other people are trying to do exactly that, and how wrong they often are

The hardest part of parenting must be scolding your kids for saying rad shit

I sorta feel like playing Shadow of the Colossus again

I hate this statement because it's true: "My ska awakening is happening in 2019 at the ripe age of 32"

I blame this explicitly on the fedi.

A novel about a young trombone player from Southeast Asia who learns it is his destiny to bring about the 4th wave of ska.

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“normal is just a setting on a dishwasher” -me when one of my favourite lizards is on a ‘top 30 weirdest creatures’ list

At age 35 he began experimenting with fluffer nutter sandwiches

if Chucky the doll from the movies was real
i'd teach him to love, i'd teach him to feel

- unattributed (ringo starr)

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