Did the kid’s laser weapon in kindergarten cop actually work?

We may be creating little brains that develop consciousness and suffer tremendously.

This is the most I’ve ever written. I’m amazed I haven’t gotten frustrated and given up.

Today’s progress on the homespun sequencer. I have a c library that calls a user-defined callback at regular, configurable intervals. The next step will be to write a callback that plays sounds using sdl_mixer.

Free song title: What is this (cream in my beard)

How about this: a business sim called “the dream” where to protagonist tries to succeed in a creative pursuit. But it’s procedurally generated and brutal like a rogue like (and reality) bit instead of dying or losing it becomes a life sim where you just get up and go to work everyday and maybe practice or make art on the weekends and sometimes perform. The game ends when you give up the dream.

Holy heck Giorgio Moroder wrote “you take my breath away”

More SDL progress: I deconstructed a chord on guitar and reconstructed it using SDL_mixer.

Is there a wife meme going around? What’s all this wife content about?

Something I wasn’t able to quickly google: the unluckiest MLB team of all time based on their high Pythagorean win percentage vs their actual win percentage

Mario went a little nuts in Mario 3. His beef was with Bowser for kidnapping Peach. So Mario starts finding Bowser’s kids and killing them one by one.

Is the untitled goose the same goose that honked at people who were horny on Twitter? Is that where it got its start?

Supercut of the president’s “sir” stories

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