Turns out there was a problem updating ssh.c and that was causing my issue. mailing list was v helpful.

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Unintentional description of a interpreter spotted on birdsite: “If I’m reading and I see an open-parenthesis symbol I stop reading right away and I do not start again until I get to a close-parenthesis symbol. There’s no way I’m reading that shit”

Was bummed to discover that ’s cat command didn’t support the - argument to include standard input among the file args because that’s how jonesforth and my sort of port launch a repl. After messing around with different ish solutions, I decided to look at the source code for cat. It’s something like 30 sloc. I was able to add the functionality in four lines. Pretty cool.

Anyone here use and ? I’m having trouble getting git/push and friends to work with my remote repos.

@ddevault hey drew! Is there a guide for using sourcehut from 9front? I’m having trouble interacting with my git repos.

@sigrid hey! I noticed you use sourcehut and plan9. I’m trying to push to a git.sr.ht repo and failing. Do you have any advice on setting up plan9 to work with the service?

@sejo hi sejo! I found you through the hashtag. I’m really interested in the language (and in programming and computing more generally) and would like to follow you.

Good progress on my 9front based on jonesforth. The assembly portion (which I’m writing in c because plan 9 assembler lacks some features to make it easier) is far enough along that I can begin programming in forth itself to fill out most of the remaining features.

Can anyone explain the difference between semicolon and comma in compound regexps for Sam and Acme? I’ve read the manual and tried to write statements to differentiate but they always have identical effects.

Better file management through an unholy alliance between emacs dired and the plan 9 from user space plumber

Update: it’s now possible to choose a height and width for a new image through command line arguments

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User specified colors have landed in my little pixel art app. Todos include user specified save file, color substitution, and command line arguments for picking dimensions for new files.

I never knowingly shifted a bit in my life until recently and now I’ve shifted a few bits

Posting less lately but working on a raycaster and a (based on jonesforth) on

In acme you can implement barebones zettelkasten system with the help of a one-line shell script

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