you debunk conspiracy theories but did you ever consider they might have been using that bunk? how rude of you


oh, i recognize this! love to lol at millennials who don't even know how to use a rotary horoscope.

it turns out the real "stranger things" is how our media keeps recycling stories from the past because our culture cant conceive of a better future

Considering having this account just toot the lyrics to the Sophie B Hawkins song as I lay me down to sleep over and over again. But not as a bot. I will put in the lyrics long hand (finger?) every time.

Sometimes I just feel like thereโ€™s no here here, know what I mean?

I just saw the most going into a bar on a college campus in 1985 looking dude going into a bar on a college campus.

I have licked the cartridge
That was in the switch

And that you were probably
Hoping to play

Forgive me
It was disgusting

body horror programming reference 

coming down with the Poasterโ€™s Curse (too many friends and hot babeโ€™s in my swimming pool)

meta-toot nonsense 

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