Either Haskell isn’t like riding a bike or I never learned me a Haskell in the first place.

It’s weird that fedi is way more radical but also way more chill than birdsite

I’m starting to use org roam for tracking information for articles. It’s hard to decide in advance what links might be useful and their directionality. Maybe I just need to use it for a while and figure out what works.

I just heard a song by Judee Sill and it’s like Elliott Smith took her whole thing and kept going

If I wanted to go to Minneapolis to help clean up tomorrow morning are there organizers I could follow?

Stop emailing my wife over a 5G network connection

Don’t waste your time on me you’re at least the voice inside muyadd

What did the dwarf class character say to the npc who offered to let him dig into a mountain and keep all he finds?

Don’t mine if I do!

¿Porque everyone saying el Tigre es poqueno y Gordon?

Or like adult grownups but they are only pretending to be grownups in that way and they are actually grown up in some other way

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You’ve heard of adult babies, but what about adult toddlers

News you can use (to make yourself feel terrible)

Are the double underscore methods in python meant to resemble a slithering snake?

The only thing I’ll remember from “The Plague” is “Gentlemen, hats off!”

German word for the period at the beginning and end of Usain Bolt’s life that I at my very fastest could beat him in a foot race.

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