Welp I succeeded in fixing the behavior of acme/$winid/addr on my install of plan9port. The only problem is the original behavior was as intended.

Like when I’m home my watch and phone could save battery by doing computations on the laptop or a headless computer server. And a million other cool things.

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I think it would be cool to have all my devices be part of a plan9-esque networked computing system.

C-steading is when you do all your computing on software running on bare metal that you wrote yourself

The next translator I write will attempt to go the other direction and present an org file as a nested directory structure.

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There's also the problem of what to do with binary files. Right now I just use a simple heuristic to try to detect them. And then there are the files that are themselves org-mode. It would be nice to add nesting to them so they fit into the overall org structure.

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I don't know how much work I'll do on it. It was intended as an exercise
to better understand the and C. But I am thinking of putting source code files into source blocks so they could potentially be executable.

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I posted the source to the dir2org translator at the link below. It's a toy translator that presents a directory in the filesystem as an org-mode file. sr.ht/~aeggenberger/org2dir/

More progress on dir2org translator for gnu . This is the sbcl source directory as an org file.

Working on a toy translator that lets you view a directory as an org-mode doc. Each file name is a heading. Files inside directories are subordinate to the directory heading, etc.

Learning Acme was a mistake. Now I want those cut and paste mouse chords everywhere

‘printf’ed my way to a working install of plan 9 from user space on OSX 10.6.

Thinking about doing a blog type thing where I write about text editors and use the text editor I’m writing about to compose the post. So far my list would include . Are there any other editors you would recommend? I’m especially interested in ones like acme that have interesting or unusual user interfaces.

I would say based on the attitude of writing about it by users that Plan9 is more hipster.

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Did people compose text in Ed or was it mainly just an editor used to work on texts that already exist in some form? And if it was the latter, what did people use to produce the initial text?

I’ve been messing around with acme lately and it’s pretty fun

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