there is a special place in hell for ppl who say 'sosh meeds'

why is every starbucks in california a portal to the Cold Dimension

what she says: im fine
what she means: sasuke’s decision to defend konoha to fulfill his brother’s wishes came suddenly out of an existing context of denying his brother’s point of view out of hatred and therefore either this decision made no sense or his desire to kill the five kages and become a universally detested hokage to shoulder the shinobis’ eternal burden made no sense; either he would deny his brother’s wishes out of hatred or defend his brother’s village but not both

i was just informed by my sister that the first movie i watched as a kid was fuckign CHICKEN RUN

Old woman voice: it's dangerous to go alone, take this.
*hands you a lesbian*

mastodon brain: no one has retooted u in 0.00001 seconds ur not funny

I love laying in the dirt and letting the Earth slowly reclaim me. Buy Skyrim!

shoutout to everyone with a switch, i wish i was you

joker takes luigi to the cognitive world and assassinates him

joker's final smash is gonna make me nut on impact

got a second interview thanks to my tootuals validating me

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