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im so sorry about all those capslocked search requests i didn't want to scream it was just a typo.,.. im truly sorry

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my only form of communiciation is sending end to end encrypted telepathic texts

WHY is instagram showing me ads advertising a direct pokemon clone that is actually a completely different game??

does anyone know of a niche 2d game with cool mechanics? everything before the ps1 era counts. it can be broken / ugly whatever, i just need some recommendations for research.

do you know of a niche 2D retro game that has cool mechanics even tho the game itself can be broken / shitty lookin? @ me!

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i just switched my faulty logitech mouse to an older logitech mouse i still had lying around... the hypocrisie

reminder to never buy logitech products cuz they are overpriced pieces of plastic that have some kind of problem that start occurring after using them for a month

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new masto instance where toots take two days to send

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i have a logitech g703 gaming mouse and the the scroll just randomly goes in the wrong direction. the mouse would be soooo good but that issue is so bothersome

does anyone know of a game design themed masto instance?

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