happy to have been able to contribute to this new preprint: "The NORMAN Suspect List Exchange (NORMAN-SLE): Facilitating European and Worldwide Collaboration on Suspect Screening in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry" doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-19024

I just added "importScript( 'User:Lagewi/navigation.js' );" to my @wikidata commons.js to get WDQS links for listing subclasses and instances (ht larswillighagen)

since it had been a while, I ran some old scripts to add LIPID MAPS, PDB, and EPA CompTox Dashboard identifiers, resulting in even more links from chemicals to external databases

Mmm... the threading doesn't look that bad... with some layout improvements, could this be the FriendFeed replacement we have been looking for?

a draft paper led to the discovery of outdated Ensembl identifier for MIR21... using the @WikiPathways RDF and a SPARQL query, I found more retired Ensembl identifiers... some of them are now testing for with the automated tests


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