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oh my gods. they literally have no shame about this.

GitHub Support just straight up confirmed in an email that yes, they used all public GitHub code, for Codex/Copilot regardless of license.

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Wikidata now has over 9,000 Properties!
That's over nine thousand...
You can find the latest creations here wikidata.org/wiki/Special:NewP

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Egon Willighagen is stepping down as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of #Cheminformatics. The journal now being part of Springer Nature no longer allows for running the journal in the spirit of #OpenScience.

in the past week I have started annotating CAS registry numbers in #wikidata with references to indicate CAS Common Chemistry w.wiki/3AGr This, in turn, is starting to be used to validate the CAS numbers in the English Wikidata (I can reports for other langauges too, tho) #chemistry #openscience #AmericanChemicalSociety

happy to have contributed to this new work (preprint): "Open Natural Products Research: Curation and Dissemination of Biological Occurrences of Chemical Structures through #Wikidata" biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

new paper: "A protocol for adding knowledge to #Wikidata: aligning resources on human coronaviruses" bmcbiol.biomedcentral.com/arti (blog will follow)

I just added "importScript( 'User:Lagewi/navigation.js' );" to my @wikidata commons.js to get WDQS links for listing subclasses and instances (ht larswillighagen)

"Semantic Annotation for Tabular Data", using knowledge graphs like and .

(Khurana and Galhotra, 2020)


i wonder if there is a #wikidata tool that can tell me the complexity (ideally in terms of shannon entropy or something like that) of an item over time? I like to measure the growth of information in that entry, particular linkedness.

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