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In light of #Wikidata's recent birthday, thought it'd be relevant to bring up Wikiproject #Mathematics in this instance:

Within the massive ecosystem of Wikidata entries, this project focuses on capturing and organizing data around #maths (entities, sequences, algorithms, theorems, mathematicians, etc.)

I attended two meeting last week, both about #OpenScience: first the Beilstein Open Science symposium, followed by the Google Summer of Code Summit. Great meetings!

Goodbye -cli, hello -cli!
+ Better support for non-Wikidata Wikibase instances
+ Merge and delete entities from the command-line
+ Added OAuth support


see change logs ->

and of course you can also nominate wikibase-cli for Tool Award ;) ->

on December 3 we will have ChemCuration, a one day, online poster conference about data curation and curated data in chemistry, using open science approaches. More info at and call for abstracts soon

a quick update on our #openscience feedback on #plan_S 

83 people now signed the feedback on Plan S (how scholarly publishing will look like 5 years from now) which is to be submitted tomorrow. We have about 30 hours left. If you care about Open Science, please have a look at:

Because #openscience is more than an #openaccess license and business model.

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If you find Open Science more important than Open Access, then read this:

Fwd: "Plan S and the Open Science Community"

since it had been a while, I ran some old scripts to add LIPID MAPS, PDB, and EPA CompTox Dashboard identifiers, resulting in even more links from chemicals to external databases

after data citations, software citations are starting to get serious too now, it seems. Results by the Zenodo team:

Mind blown. Just found out about this "font" that takes advantage of subpixel rendering to be absurdly small:

(Quotes added since the color information is critical; i.e., it's not simply an outline like typical typefaces.)

New: A simple bug in Google makes it incredibly easy to spoof search results — such as telling a person which party to vote for.

at 168 now... when/if we reach we can reach out to more chemists and start contacting ACS editors and officials... but I need your help reaching this... please spread the petition for more Open Citations:

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