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exciting discussion about chemical identifiers in #wikipedia and #wikidata, but going to need an hour to read this carefully and summarize the outcome of one week of discussions

Did you know that for biomedical literature, Europe PMC has a handy website that shows you how Open Access your work is? Just use this link and replace the ORCID:

I won't share videos a lot, and covers aren't always great, but this Radiohead cover really lands (Dutch) 

Training for the #Akademy2020 program is still being finalized but there is still loads of talks, workshops, and BoFs in store for you. Check it out and don't forget to register!

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list of (somewhat famous*) people that died of

*who were deemed notable enough to get a entry

two new papers appeared online, around FAIR data, in a new MIT-press journal Data Intelligence, one about FAIR data in chemistry ( and the other about furthering the FAIR principles ( Thx to Annika and Simon for their work to pull these two papers together!

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