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in the past week I have started annotating CAS registry numbers in #wikidata with references to indicate CAS Common Chemistry This, in turn, is starting to be used to validate the CAS numbers in the English Wikidata (I can reports for other langauges too, tho) #chemistry #openscience #AmericanChemicalSociety

happy to have contributed to this new work (preprint): "Open Natural Products Research: Curation and Dissemination of Biological Occurrences of Chemical Structures through #Wikidata"

new paper: "A protocol for adding knowledge to #Wikidata: aligning resources on human coronaviruses" (blog will follow)

I just added "importScript( 'User:Lagewi/navigation.js' );" to my @wikidata commons.js to get WDQS links for listing subclasses and instances (ht larswillighagen)

"Semantic Annotation for Tabular Data", using knowledge graphs like and .

(Khurana and Galhotra, 2020)

i wonder if there is a #wikidata tool that can tell me the complexity (ideally in terms of shannon entropy or something like that) of an item over time? I like to measure the growth of information in that entry, particular linkedness.

new paper: "Can an InChI for Nano Address the Need for a Simplified Representation of Complex Nanomaterials across Experimental and Nanoinformatics Studies?"

Sooo this corona warn app seems to work without play service code now, thanks to @larma ! 🎉

Currently you'll have to self-build and it only works in debug mode, but it seems to work.

WiP build instructions here:

Please add missing accounts of organisations, projects and persons to with the property P4033.

You can see all entries with this query
and will find interesting accounts there.
Now we have 327, let's go!

Thanks for your .

[ master/main aliases update]

alias gpom="git push origin master"


alias gpom="git push origin master 2> /dev/null || git push origin main"

so that if no `master` branch exists in the present repo, is retries with `main` instead

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