Follow status update: still down.

Trying to find information on how to move an instance's attachments from the local disc to somewhere else - ideally to one of Digital Ocean's "block storage" drives, but I'll take an S3/whatever guide if I can find it, as that's still better than flailing around blindly.

I posted about this on the Discourse:, maybe I'll get something there.

Any help, ?

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@egypturnash (i since moved to digitalocean so if you have questions about the differences between the two i might be able to help)

@chr It looks like I should be able to just copy mastodon/public/assets to the new drive, and change the docker-compose.yml to point there. Gonna do some more research.

@egypturnash yeah docker might make things easier, i dunno how the whole docker setup works

@chr It's certainly more info than I had this morning, that's for sure. Thanks a ton, I'm gonna read over this and think about it, read the DO Block Storage docs, and then probably ping you with a few questions. <3

@egypturnash chr has done this and wrote about it I think quite some time ago... Other than that I can't remember. Good luck, will boost

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