Step 1: log in, shut down Mastodon and the server. Take a snapshot.

"This may take more than an hour", says Digital Ocean. Time to twiddle my thumbs. Or maybe to draw. I could draw.

Or I could get dressed and go down to Envie and keep Nick company while he works. Get some exercise bicycling! Have coffee and power available for this task! Have someone to bite if it gets difficult!

I ended up taking a shower and the backup was done when I got out, about 45 minutes after I started it. Also the Rez soundtrack just came to the end of the actual gameplay and is getting into the end credits music. Guess I'll do the next few steps while still around the house.

Hooray, the copy of Git on the server doesn't wanna talk to Github "Permission denied (publickey)". There are a lot of hits for that so hopefully it should be easy to fix.

Building the new Docker image. Nap time!

Or meditation time, I've been slack on that lately.


Step 29/38 : COPY --chown=mastodon:mastodon . /opt/mastodon
ERROR: Service 'streaming' failed to build: Unknown flag: chown

The Internet suggested editing the Dockerfile to replace the offending COPY --CHOWN command with a COPY command followed by a RUN command that would do the chowning.

It seems to have worked and I now get to deal with having run out of space on the main drive. Progress!

> docker image prune -a

cleaned up almost five gigs of old images, and seems to have erased the one I was building as well. Starting the build again, cross your fingers for me!

>docker-compose run --rm -e SKIP_POST_DEPLOYMENT_MIGRATIONS=true web rails db:migrate

uh yeah this sure looks like it's gonna take a while.

fff, outta space partway through

cleared some up, resumed, hope it all gets done


hahaha and seconds after tooting that it finished that particular migration task!

There are many more to do on the journey between 2.4.4 and 3.0.1.

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...and it ran out of disc space AGAIN, right after I decided that if it did I would resize the droplet.

Which of course takes its own chunk of time. "Up to one minute per gig of data used". Which would be up to 80min. I'm gonna set a timer.

Blaagh, a migration is failing to execute and I'm worrying it's because an earlier migration only went halfway or something. Restoring from my old snapshot. START AGAIN.

ugh, it broke on the same pre-deployment migration as before. Weird that this migration ran fine on my local copy.

github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ seems to be a related commit, let's see what happens if I revert that one change... nnnope!

Off to the Discord, where Garg was awake and is looking into it.

Huzzah, @Gargron was able to provide a couple small tweaks and the important realization that I needed to rebuild the whole thing for those tweaks to actually take hold. Migration continues.


welp. that's quite an odyssey there :( claws crossed that the next attempt won't fail

— dhivael

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