Finally sitting down and trying to decide what I'm gonna do for level 3 in my d&d game: pick a Rogue subclass? Which one, if so? Or do I start the magic-user multiclassing I've been threatening to do? And which kind of magic-user, if so?

So many choices.

After much thought, my kobold rogue is putting her third level into Sorcery rather than into a third level of rogue. She now possesses Wild Magic, which she is using almost entirely for illusions.

There are lots of attack spells I passed up. She's not a pacifist or anything, she's just... I dunno. Illusions feel right for someone who prefers to present herself as a musician.

Next level she'll probably become a Swashbuckling Rogue.

@egypturnash Illusions are the best though! You don't have to fight someone if you trick them into thinking they've already lost.


@Eyeless EXACTLY. I will have to start thinking about clever ways to use the illusions I have.

@egypturnash A classic, if you have an illusion-making cantrip: The Chair That Isn't There. I mean it won't win a fight, but...

@egypturnash @Eyeless

The audio version of Minor Illusion is quite potent with clever use - you can keep it running in the background with no concentration required, and subsequently make any sounds you want with no spellcasting-y actions to give it away. Think of all the situations where hearing a certain sound can cause someone to greatly divert their attention - distant shouting and fighting to distract a town guard, a wooden bridge or icy lake creaking and snapping as a foe starts to cross it, the classic "swarm of bees right behind you"...

And of course, if you're a musician, you always have a backup band with you. Such a valuable cantrip!

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