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@egypturnash @ElectricKeet So hey, you've both used InDesign to lay out books, right? I'm trying it out and I'm having difficulty with the whole "import a bunch of images without having to size each one individually and getting really frustrated by the tedium" thing. Any pointers?

ᴡɪᴛᴄʜʏ🥀ʟɪᴢᴀʀᴅᴘᴀɴᴛs @egypturnash

@fluffy @ElectricKeet 1. Make a single page document. 2. Put a representative page image in. Size it properly. 3. Use the Data Merge panel.

@egypturnash @fluffy Oh, geez, you'd think I would have remembered that one, given that I've used it a good many times in the past. Well done!

@ElectricKeet @egypturnash will that work for a layout which has a variable number of images per page though?

@fluffy @ElectricKeet No, it won't. One of the first questions I ask myself as any project begins to solidify is "what kind of page does this want to be on", then build a template that I stick to, to make it easy to turn things into books. I got no idea how to use ID to actually lay shit out.

@egypturnash @ElectricKeet I keep on trying to see if ID has any sort of sensible page template thing (because almost all of my pages fall into one of three layouts) but I seem to be stymied at every step. Also it really doesn't want to make images easy to resize sensibly.

@ElectricKeet @egypturnash this is of course why I've historically used LaTeX for this stuff but its expressiveness is a bit lacking for the things you need in comic books.

@egypturnash @ElectricKeet Book 2 of Unity has a bibliography in it literally because LaTeX made that easy to do so I figured, why the hell not. But try doing even a basic bleed layout!

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