Working on getting Mastodon up on, mostly following this guide:

Sign up for Digital Ocean: ✓
New droplet with Docker pre-installed: ✓
Replace battery in keyboard when it died as I started to toot this: ✓
Install nginx: ✓
Install docker compose: pre-installed I think?
Increase memory: I think I'll leave this for now
git clone Mastodon:✓
dockerize: not yet
set up ssl: nope
make admin account, start fooling around: not yet

also right now ufw is set up for nginx running on http, I probably need to change that to https once I get the ssl stuff dealt with

'docker-compose build' sure does output a whole lotta unix, this feels like a good time to take a shower.

'docker-compose run --rm web rake assets:precompile' is telling me 'Compilation failed:' with no further info. Let's see if trying it a second time works.

Running a Mastodon is currently not for people who are afraid of the command line.

(Well, maybe it is - someone's already launched Mastodon-As-A-Service - but I want to be able to experiment with a few minor feature ideas, so I gotta do it the Hard Way.)

Oh hey trying again and waiting a while had it work. NEXT STEP I GUESS.

And the next step is to try running it and visiting it in my browser! I can see it trying to generate the front page if I go to 999.999.99.99:3000 (where those 9s are replaced by the raw IP address of my server) but it just hangs in Safari. Maybe I need to take a break and wait for the DNS servers to pick up my changes so I can visit it by name?


And suddenly the process of creating an SSL certificate is pretending to be an MS-DOS bios.


brain hurts

also it isn't working rn, probably because dns is still pointing to my little placeholder on A2 next to my main site. Take a break, resume tomorrow.

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It ain't working, but it's working well enough for me to see this instead of a blank page or the nginx default page!

YESSSSSS :fistpump:



it's not ready for use, it gave me a failstodon when I tried to upload an icon to my admin account, BUT IT IS RUNNING

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@egypturnash yeah, let's encrypt needs to be able to talk to that machine by way of the domain.

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