Okay I can definitely tell where the space is being used here... and I found some stuff lingering on the drive that I can delete to have enough room to rebuild docker-compose...

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does programming a ribosome sound like a good time if it does then you will enjoy opus magnum very very much

it's just so damn soothing when you get a thing working


a tiny bit of Ruining Magick With Data 

Oh, and the "neighbors" mentioned in two of the charts refer to the faces next to the target faces.

And just for laughs here's me trying to roll 5s and failing miserably. I didn't get any until like my 40th roll. The low number of 1/20s compared to previous trials is INTERESTING, but again, I don't think there's enough data here to say it's not just random noise.


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a tiny bit of Ruining Magick With Data 

Last weekend during D&D, I managed to convince myself I could make my dice roll natural twenties.

This morning I spent a little while doing about 100 rolls with no intent, 100 trying to make it roll 20s, and 100 trying to get a 1.

Graphs of the results looked *just* different enough that I want to collect more data to be sure I'm not imagining patterns in the random noise.

I'm still gonna keep doing this ingame, though. Got two nat 20s last time.


👉🏾 sort laundry
👉🏾 start laundry
👉🏾 draw in last few high-tier backer Ritas
👉🏾 work on getting local dev Mastodon running

But first: FARMER’S MARKET. mastodon.social/media/U9TC-Ewy

oh sure why not, I'll make these outdoors picnic tables look all Spacy by drawing a Unicursal Hexagram beneath them to work as some kind of freaky support made up of intersecting force fields.


Spent a couple hours working on this thing. It has become pretty slow to save now that I have this dense background on a couple panels. Guess I’ll split this spread into two files soon, since nothing continues between pages.

Today’s offices: under a bridge in the park, upstairs at Chocolati. I love being mobile.


I have gradually accumulated more and more windows on the desktop I use for my D&D campaign. I'll also have a Discord window open when the actual game's going.

(The desktop's background is a portrait of the party as a fake album cover, fwiw.)


iOS 10.0.3 has a new feature on its keyboard: swipe down on a key for a second character. This is all well and good. But allow me to draw your attention to a really... *interesting* design choice.

Check out the small grey glyphs on N/M. Then check out what keys they become when you hit shift.


mastodon.social/media/gqXOLKMC mastodon.social/media/UcdppxTX

Sitting in the Cap Hill Solstice doing some costume design for a Parallax short story.

(Parallax is a series pitch I've been playing with for a while. Imagine funny-animal Star Trek... except every other episode is from the point of view of the Borg. egypt.urnash.com/parallax has more detail if you're curious...)


One thing I like about Seattle: lots of parks scattered throughout the city. Lots of green to go wandering about in, lost in thought; lots of places to sit in the gentle rustles of trees and lazily get something done. mastodon.social/media/B0TcC6BU

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