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ᴡɪᴛᴄʜʏ🥀ʟɪᴢᴀʀᴅᴘᴀɴᴛs @egypturnash@mastodon.social

Okay I can definitely tell where the space is being used here... and I found some stuff lingering on the drive that I can delete to have enough room to rebuild docker-compose...

Yeah that definitely looks down. Let's see what a quick reboot will do.

does programming a ribosome sound like a good time if it does then you will enjoy opus magnum very very much

it's just so damn soothing when you get a thing working


Opus Magnum is so damn satisfying. Is anyone I know playing this? Friend me on Steam (egypturnash) so I can see how terrible my solutions are compared to yours... mastodon.social/media/vpjJA_k2 mastodon.social/media/g3SqUMqh mastodon.social/media/tC9rG3FU

a tiny bit of Ruining Magick With Data Show more

a tiny bit of Ruining Magick With Data Show more


👉🏾 sort laundry
👉🏾 start laundry
👉🏾 draw in last few high-tier backer Ritas
👉🏾 work on getting local dev Mastodon running

But first: FARMER’S MARKET. mastodon.social/media/U9TC-Ewy

oh sure why not, I'll make these outdoors picnic tables look all Spacy by drawing a Unicursal Hexagram beneath them to work as some kind of freaky support made up of intersecting force fields.


“You... always have the best outfits.” - a neighbor, as we cross against the same light in opposite directions.


Spent a couple hours working on this thing. It has become pretty slow to save now that I have this dense background on a couple panels. Guess I’ll split this spread into two files soon, since nothing continues between pages.

Today’s offices: under a bridge in the park, upstairs at Chocolati. I love being mobile.


I have gradually accumulated more and more windows on the desktop I use for my D&D campaign. I'll also have a Discord window open when the actual game's going.

(The desktop's background is a portrait of the party as a fake album cover, fwiw.)


Sometimes I just want to drop all my projects and dedicate myself to making willfully absurd video games based on Jeff Minter's more gnomic tweets.

egypt.urnash.com/blog/2016/02/ mastodon.social/media/k-Ag-UtV

iOS 10.0.3 has a new feature on its keyboard: swipe down on a key for a second character. This is all well and good. But allow me to draw your attention to a really... *interesting* design choice.

Check out the small grey glyphs on N/M. Then check out what keys they become when you hit shift.


mastodon.social/media/gqXOLKMC mastodon.social/media/UcdppxTX

Sitting in the Cap Hill Solstice doing some costume design for a Parallax short story.

(Parallax is a series pitch I've been playing with for a while. Imagine funny-animal Star Trek... except every other episode is from the point of view of the Borg. egypt.urnash.com/parallax has more detail if you're curious...)


One thing I like about Seattle: lots of parks scattered throughout the city. Lots of green to go wandering about in, lost in thought; lots of places to sit in the gentle rustles of trees and lazily get something done. mastodon.social/media/B0TcC6BU

YESSSSSS :fistpump:



it's not ready for use, it gave me a failstodon when I tried to upload an icon to my admin account, BUT IT IS RUNNING




It ain't working, but it's working well enough for me to see this instead of a blank page or the nginx default page!