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@spiderrobotpig 4. Spend two or three days trying to get your external mail delivery service to work

(Or at least that's my experience with spinning up dragon.town this past weekend)

@afabulous Telling people to not suggest "beans" on MeFi is like asking Shashdot for five-step plans that do not have "???" as step 4.

@mxsparks Good luck! Here's hoping they react as well as my mom did. ("Huh, I always kinda suspected you were gay but this is new." *reads up on trans stuff* *joins a trans support group*)

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@hellojed yeah, "unbridled capitalism for its own sake may not be good" is not a new message in this genre.

To quote @BigFatFae -- "If you conceptualize dragons as 'eater of pretty things', then it makes it that much blushier for voraphiles to be eaten by them don'tcha think?

@hellojed there's some kind of point being made in it but I was absolutely happy to just read the MeFi comments on it instead of actually playing it.

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One thing I like about Seattle: lots of parks scattered throughout the city. Lots of green to go wandering about in, lost in thought; lots of places to sit in the gentle rustles of trees and lazily get something done. mastodon.social/media/B0TcC6BU

Old friend drama, yeesh. I'll skip the story for now and say this: plenty of nerds have not figured out that in the age of the internet, wittiness is abundant and low-value. Consideration and respect, however, are still pure gold.

@irisjaycomics oh crap I totally forgot about that, my sunday D&D game went a little long. Hope it went well!

@miriam Either Bill Sienkiewicz or Arthur Rackham.

Or maybe Doug Winger.

@davidpgil Yeah, that's pretty much what I've been trying to do too. I chose "gets a level of wild magic sorcery" because I figured it would make for an interesting story, not because it would give me Power Extreme.

It's still a hard choice, though.

I just spent half the evening pondering what to do with the next level of my Rogue 2/Sorcerer 1 character. Sorcerer 2 or Rogue 3 and AN ARCHETYPE? It's a hard choice.

me: I wonder if I can convince the DM to let me use this Disguise Self spell item to disguise myself as a boulder.

DM: Hahaha. No.

Druid: Just disguise yourself as an Unseen Servant!