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> docker image prune -a

cleaned up almost five gigs of old images, and seems to have erased the one I was building as well. Starting the build again, cross your fingers for me!

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The Internet suggested editing the Dockerfile to replace the offending COPY --CHOWN command with a COPY command followed by a RUN command that would do the chowning.

It seems to have worked and I now get to deal with having run out of space on the main drive. Progress!

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Step 29/38 : COPY --chown=mastodon:mastodon . /opt/mastodon
ERROR: Service 'streaming' failed to build: Unknown flag: chown

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Building the new Docker image. Nap time!

Or meditation time, I've been slack on that lately.

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@mawr Yep, I ended up at pretty much exactly the same guide. Thanks!

On to the next steps...

Hooray, the copy of Git on the server doesn't wanna talk to Github "Permission denied (publickey)". There are a lot of hits for that so hopefully it should be easy to fix.

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I ended up taking a shower and the backup was done when I got out, about 45 minutes after I started it. Also the Rez soundtrack just came to the end of the actual gameplay and is getting into the end credits music. Guess I'll do the next few steps while still around the house.

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Or I could get dressed and go down to Envie and keep Nick company while he works. Get some exercise bicycling! Have coffee and power available for this task! Have someone to bite if it gets difficult!

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Step 1: log in, shut down Mastodon and the server. Take a snapshot.

"This may take more than an hour", says Digital Ocean. Time to twiddle my thumbs. Or maybe to draw. I could draw.

Okay. Update day is here. I got the Rez soundtrack playing on the stereo and I am ready to get this done.

Keep an eye on @egypturnash for detailed updates as this happens.

Okay everyone looks like the image drive is totally full, this means image uploads won't work. Remote images will probably be weird too.

I'm gonna let the server keep running while I go get some food in me so I have some hope of having the energy to deal with this, I haven't eaten yet. Looks like it's properly saving toots at least. Just no new image uploads.

Someday I will get the automatic remote image cleanup task actually working reliably. Someday. Its unreliability has basically been the cause for every single outage this site's had.

We're back. Boring tech stuff details (letsencrypt/certbot update) behind the CW. 

So this is what I had to do to deal with the fact that my default installation of Let's Encrypt will stop working in a month if I don't change the way it gets the certificate updated:

1. stop the system and back it up
2. sudo apt upgrade
3. apt install certbot
4. edit /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/ and remove the reference to 'tls-sni-01' in 'standalone_supported_challenges'
5. change the /etc/cron.daily/letsencrypt-renew task to call certbot instead of letsencrypt
6. bring everything back up

and now hopefully this site should continue to connect via http without any further intervention on my part.

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Dragon.Style was briefly up but is down again. Workin' on it. Boring tech stuff.

Hey y'all, I'm taking down for a bit for some boring tech stuff. Keep an eye on @egypturnash for news. <3

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