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Missed dance class so I just went straight to Phoenix to pick up BEANWORLD BOOK 4!!! and some other comics. Think I'll read Kim & Kim first.

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@Eyeless yes you should, even if it just pays for a couple beers every month that's still a couple beers you don't have!

Fuck every single auto-flush toilet I've used on this trip. Without fail they have all decided that they need to flush in the time between me putting a seat cover on them and me lifting my skirt and getting ready to sit down. One did it three fucking times before I was fast enough.

This is why I usually still stand up to piss.

Oh geez it's been delayed and I'm not hitting Seattle until after midnight fml

I should have gotten an earlier flight to Seattle despite them all being two legs. I've been mooning about the Vegas airport too damn long today.

this is probably a long shot but if you know any Amiga-interested people in Japan please point them towards this big >free< lot of hardware and software available today only

@ksonney well, it STARTED as a biscuit, but then they smothered it in strawberry compote...

Lyft driver: Last night I was coming out of a casino at 1AM. A hundred and three degrees. I felt ONE raindrop. It rains here so rarely.

Vegas: [starts raining]

I spent a few minutes after I got dropped off just standing out in the pickup/drop off area, enjoying the scent of ozone and the light drizzle. Bye, Vegas.

@itsnero I am so fucking glad I left the Casino Zone for this biscuit. And the bacon and eggs that came to my table a few minutes later.

Sittin' in a downtown Vegas cafe called "Eat." Period included. I figure getting the fuck away from the Strip is more likely to have decent food. And less of an ambience of MONEY SUCKING VOID ALL AROUND ME.

@bossposs hexing your own jinx

zooting your own gloop

exfoliating your own spurt

I haven't been tooting much this trip despite vowing to choose that over Twitter; this is because Amaroq is a bit iffy with posting images, and that's been a lot of my tweets.

I have come to the conclusion that the further away you are from the Strip, the better Vegas is. The casino zones are like the worst iteration of Disneyland ever, where you have slot machines instead of rides, and all decor is a show of faux wealth. It is not enough to have a five story high LED screen between a pair of columns that are themselves covered in LED screen; this screen must primarily display "shimmering gold" themed animations.

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Between the Carnival branding in the Rio and the Mardi Gras theme bits in Harrah's, I feel like I should be getting a discount for being able to prove I'm from New Orleans or something.

(I took the shuttle bus from the Rio to Harrah's, they're like owned by the same people or something I think. I dunno. Vegas.)

Las Vegas feels like what you get when capitalists try to do Burning Man. A huge impractical city in the desert, full of colorful lights.