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Here's the thing: If you're a science fiction writer, and you have a big thing about how robots can't have a soul? Show more

Also I put uv-blocking paint on my new parasol and reconnected all the light bulbs to the network, welcome to the internet of shit.

Got laundry hung, still have one more load in the drier, maybe I'll hang that too.

Not a productive day but a USEFUL one. And I could still get in an hour drawing if I wanted to.

Ugh I got fuck all done today

well I guess I got laundry done, laundry is important. I still gotta fold it but it got cleaned.

Idly wondering about the ISO 9000 certification documents for those factories that are always taking unsuspecting passers-by and accidentally turning them into cow mannequins or toon lamps or whatever. Like, how detailed is the management procedure for these incidents?

Also, kind of understanding why everybody treated me like that in middle school.

I'm wandering around the UW campus and I keep hearing people walking outside of buildings and being all "holy shit it's hot"

And here's me strutting around under a parasol in about as little fabric as I can get away with and being happy. Smoky air and all. I'm just built for the desert, I think. Rainforest is nice, all the green is pretty. But I gotta sweat now and then.

User: “Hi, I’d like to hear a torrent #joke.”
Tracker: “I will refer you to people who can tell you a #torrent joke.”

Peer 1: “Why d”
Peer 2: “cken”
Peer 3: “road?”
Peer 4: “id th”
Peer 3: “cross”
Peer 1: “e chi”
Peer 5: “ the”

Peer 2: “the o”
Peer 4: “To ge”
Peer 1: “side.”
Peer 5: “ther “
Peer 2: “t to "

Nailed it.

And I guess now if I ever wanna do typography in the style of the Psygnosis logo I have the parts to do it pretty quickly. Or to do some differently-shaped type using those parts. Could be interesting.

Might work on the dragon later today but I spent like 4h on this already, I have Actual Work that needs doing. Call it a "warmup drawing". Which is artist for "shit I drew instead of drawing paid shit".


I started out using a free font based on the Psygnosis logo but it used characters from the Shadow of the Beast logo to fill out the letters and it just did NOT come together. So I analyzed an old poster of Roger Dean's original painting and made some brushes out of it.

Doing this and roughing in the dragon took approximately two hours. Sheeiiit.


Workin' on my badge for RF2017: Con Of The Crimson King.

(thanks to @kobi_lacroix for the idea!)

@kobi_lacroix why has nobody done a con whose theme is "prog rock album cover" yet, you totally nailed that type style!

Supposedly I am already getting further in ballet stretch class than I did when I started a couple weeks ago. I remain skeptical.

Also I have begun to imagine that my mother's ghost is sitting on the side of the dance floor, reading a book and grinning a little evilly every time I whimper. "Do it long enough and maybe you'll work off all the time you were a pain in MY ass in your teen years," she laughs. It's loving but there's a bit of honest cruelty beneath it. My family was like that.

You know you're a regular at a place when they remember your name and say "oh don't bother paying".

Heck of a line at Morsel this morning. So worth the wait though.

I knew it would be bad, it's a weekend. Everyone's drowning their hangover in tasty fucking biscuits.

Please support my Patreon!
$1/m - I will write your name in my dread book in blood, but that's it. Nice calligraphy, tho!
$5/m - I will mention you to the Coldest Nebula during weekly summoning
$10/m - We can meet for lunch and you can taste my sacrificial blade (not a euphemism)
$50/m - When the mountains crumble and you are out of tears, the Mouth Beneath Everything will take you last
$100/m - OMG you're the best! I'll send nudes. (Also, you'll be saved when the stars fall, etc. etc.)

Also, best little touch on the new MacBook Pro: MODIFIER KEY ICONS ARE BACK. Now you can actually understand the shortcut icons in menus. Why did Apple ever take those off the keyboards in the first place.

Yay! I can turn off anti-aliased preview on the new Mac and STOP SEEING THIS RENDERING GLITCH without having to deal with everything looking low-res. Now I just need to get around to getting a ~300ppi external monitor and I will never see it again. Ever.