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do you have a bad habit? do you want to quit?

have you ever considered putting $1 per day aside to limit funding your habit?

that's 30 creatives a month you can support via

great incentive to turn that bad habit into a great one 😉

A mere buck gets you early views of every page of comics I draw, before it goes into my queue or into an anthology. It also gets you PDFs of everything I self-publish. Occasionally you also get high res copies of super-detailed panels. patreon.com/egypturnash

A mere buck can also get you a similar deal on the shared-world cartoon animal space opera I'm trying to get off the ground. patreon.com/theparallaxworking

Anthology proposal:

"Stories From The Emerald Witch's Trunk".

You know that anthology proposal you loved enough to draw half of despite it not being accepted? This anthology is for that.


* I like it
* You live in Seattle
* You draw an extra intro/outro with a Horror Hostess introducing the story


hell if I know, lemme get some other shit out of the way first

evidently today is the day when "put stockings in the stocking drawer" finally turns into "evaluate the past five years of stocking acquisition, get rid of some I never wear, think about what my general stocking ownership trends are"

i feel so


All this smoke has me tired and unhappy. When do I get to shed this weak mammal skin and return to being a dragon.

Welcome to the jungle, we got what you need
like universal healthcare
or housing guaranteed
in the jungle
welcome to the jungle
oo aa aa aa aa

@egypturnash That's because food absorbs the hatred from your body, but it corrupts the food terribly, turning it into some unholy ichorous substance which must be purged.

At least, that's how I remember it from my biology classes... *hm*

I am a transwoman with little to no desire to have 🅃🄷🄴 🅂🅄🅁🄶🄴🅁🅈 and yet I usually draw my fursona with a vulva. I have this slowly growing impression that this is becoming uncommon; so many transgirl furry artists these days seem to be all about HEY LOOK AT MY 99% TRANS CAST OF CHARACTERS INCLUDING MY SONA.

I'm not suggesting anyone should change here; I'm just noticing this and finding it interesting.

Hey, if you want to read a comic featuring dragon ladies and lesbian robots that's stunningly drawn and pushes the boundaries of the medium, go check out Decrypting Rita.


I did the "script one less page than the space given" thing by accident but I may try to do that deliberately in the future. Because SOMETHING is gonna need a big space.

Today I grabbed a doubloon from the hoard, and flipped it to decide what direction I'd go upon leaving the house. I ended up wandering to Green Lake, where I found a few places to sit and work. Got two pages roughed out on the Parallax Romance Short. Maybe three. One of them is pretty dense and I have some space to play with; it's supposed to be 8p and I only scripted about 7.

Computer, phone, and tablets all make the alert noise. They are helpfully reminding me that today is the day to turn in a story for an anthology.

I was done with it like three weeks ago.

This feels REALLY GOOD.

I feel SO MUCH LESS HATEFUL now that I have some kind of food in me.

I am getting so close to being done with Rita. I just have to draw in a dozen books and get them shipped out, and make sure everyone else has gotten their book or at least a shipping notification for it.

Soon, I will be be able to close off the virtual desktop I've allocated to working on Rita. After something like six years and at least three different Macs.

a comrade in the city of Franklin OH who called for the removal of a confederate plaque was doxxed by a city official and is getting death threats. pls call the city and let them know how you feel about that. share widely! m.facebook.com/events/33871829 (sorry, it's Facebook :/)

thinking about breakfast

i want some

but i don't want some

it's complicated

really i need to start keeping some eggs and bacon around the apartment and fixing them regularly enough that they don't linger in the fridge well past the use-by dates, TINY PROTEIN BREAKFAST is all I want sometimes

but instead I guess I'm getting a hearty-ass breakfast biscuit or something