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"I'm gonna go out and draw a while"

Then I mostly just sit in a sunny spot for a while instead. Well that happens I guess.

Oh, THAT'S why "double click to enter Isolation Mode" never worked for me in Illustrator. You have to be using the Selection Tool, not the Direct Selection Tool. I pretty much never use the former.

It is ALMOST warm enough in Seattle that I can go out with my arms uncovered. Almost. Give it like 5 degrees more and everyone will see my magnificent wings on a regular basis.

Oh hey check it out, Mastodon has a switch to hide everyone's retoots at once!


I'm not sure I feel tempted to turn it on the way I wish I could on Twitter right now. But if Mastodon grows to replace Twitter, there will be a point down the line where I will be glad this switch exists.

Fuck it. If I can give a couple bucks to Metafilter every month, I can do the same for Mastodon.

If you wanna do the same then go visit Mastodon's Patreon: patreon.com/user?u=619786

Is the part of my brain saying I should delete Twitter my depression trying to cut me off from support, or me trying to remove a source of things that mostly make me sadder?

And no, I wouldn't replace it with Mastodon, I'd just fuck off from microblogging entirely.

More and more I feel like I want to be bored. I want to not be bombarded by new input. I want to just sit, not thinking, not doing.

I want to watch my brain frantically spin and spin until it gives up and stops talking to itself.

I want to be ineffably, exquisitely, bored.

My hair is mostly red again and I am starting to maybe feel like myself once more. Some sun sure would be nice though.

Boost this toot if you're a member of the furry illuminati

Trying out Amaroq, the iOS client for Mastodon. It functions!

In other news here is a heartening article about how long it would take for spiders to eat biomass equivalent to all of humanity, with many pictures and animgifs of spiders. 💚💙🔥❤️💜 washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/w

Wanting to install an uninstaller but having to navigate commercialized piracy sites to do so is a very cyberpunk problem to have.

"I should leave the house. Hit a cafe and work. Get some food."

I open the door and look out. It's cold. It's raining. I can see my breath.

Yeah fuck this I'm gonna order a pizza. And make damn sure I tip well.

I keep on going back to Twitter because there's no Mastodon app. Well there's one in beta but I didn't try to get in on that when it was showing up in my timeline here.