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I know there's a CSS file for Stylish that changes the widths at least... @CeruleanK

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@katje Maybe! Drop me a line at with an outline of what you're planning.

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@Scone76 I hope I was not one of approximately 500 people doing so ❤️👊🏾

"I'm gonna go out and draw a while"

Then I mostly just sit in a sunny spot for a while instead. Well that happens I guess.

Oh, THAT'S why "double click to enter Isolation Mode" never worked for me in Illustrator. You have to be using the Selection Tool, not the Direct Selection Tool. I pretty much never use the former.

It is ALMOST warm enough in Seattle that I can go out with my arms uncovered. Almost. Give it like 5 degrees more and everyone will see my magnificent wings on a regular basis.

@Scone76 it's Drinking From Every Firehose At Once: every toot being made on every Mastodon instance your Mastodon knows about, as they happen.

Local is every toot being made on your particular Mastodon instance. So you wouldn't see any of my toots if you looked at's local timeline, but you would if you looked at the federated one.

And Home is just the people you've chosen to follow.

Oh hey check it out, Mastodon has a switch to hide everyone's retoots at once!

I'm not sure I feel tempted to turn it on the way I wish I could on Twitter right now. But if Mastodon grows to replace Twitter, there will be a point down the line where I will be glad this switch exists.

@ksonney I've got a LA trip lined up in the last few weeks of it Probably Being Miserably Grey Around Seattle, but I think I am gonna make a note and see if that offer's still good next winter.

I have dreams of spending a significant part of next winter couch-surfing sunny places. Visit for a week or so, spend a lot of time sprawled around cafes/gardens/whatever, and converting sunlight into comics...

Fuck it. If I can give a couple bucks to Metafilter every month, I can do the same for Mastodon.

If you wanna do the same then go visit Mastodon's Patreon:

@latrani I am inclined to agree.

I am not biased by the fact that I'm one of those exclusive 40k. At all.

@Eyeless I think it's Mastodon, I had all of mine vanish for a moment too. Clearly the poor beast is struggling under its new popularity.