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Trying out various Mastodon clients. I really like the license agreement of 11t.

Doesn't seem to be able to attach multiple images to a single toot, though...

Cast iron pan acquired. Target, $17, no non-stick bullshit. Made in the US even. Probably by prison labor with the profits going to people who donate to the GOP.

The cashier was openly lusting to go back to bed and sleep off the low grade illness he has. Capitalism. Gotta love it.

when I called instances that I had blocked on tenforward.social "enemies of the federation" as a Star Trek RP thing and people actually got mad


Today marks the first anniversary of ! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag !


*googles* they make adult sized scootcases, do I want one $300 worth of want

I am downtown, waiting for a light to change, behind a kid with a suitcase that has a platform and handle that flip out and extend to turn it into a SCOOTER. That's kind of cool.

I wonder if they make those in grownup sizes. It'd be pretty neat to zoom through airports on that with my coat billowing out behind me.

oh hey guess what I think this pan I thought was plain cast-iron actually ha a non-stick coating and I've been using it on high

I am getting rid of this thing right now I guess so I never cook myself another cancer egg.

Me, finally crawling out of bed at 11:30: What's today? Friday?

@zebratron2084: Thursday, I... think? *checks computer* Yeah, thursday.

La Vie Bohèmme, everybody.

And then I go make a couple robot ostriches fight and climb a giant robot giraffe and climb a couple mesas because they look pretty. Back to what matters in this game.

This battle is basically set up so I can't do that. No high ground to take that I could find. A companion who wants to get up in its face (and is luckily immortal). So I have to fight it on the ground. This takes like three tries, and the final attempt runs about twenty minutes.

The asshole Lodge leader is of course not quite dead. I talk over his dramatic death speech with a lecture on elementary fucking hunting technique.


Lately I've been playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I've been following the Hunter's Lodge side quests, which culminate in the asshole leader of the Lodge going off to try and kill a legendary robot t-rex who has killed multiple Hunters.

Turns out this is because these fucking idiots try to waltz right up to it and punch it in the snoot.

Meanwhile I have at this point killed THREE t-rexes by SNIPING FROM AFAR and using TRAPS.

Hi Mastodon I was laid off suddenly last month and I'm on the job hunt.

I am an experienced game developer in the Seattle area. I do game engineering and design, and I have skills in a bunch of areas including programming, visual design, illustration, and others.

My portfolio of work can be found here: unicodeunicorn.com/

If you're hiring please get in touch, if you'd like to help please boost. Thanks

This morning after seeing someone tweet a pencil drawing with the inktober tag, I sighed and muted it. And then for good measure I muted Trump after seeing yet another news tweet with a huge photo of his gurning face attached. Tweetbot warned me that I was muting "a large number" of tweets about Trump. I confirmed that this was what I wanted to do with a huge smile.

I feel like one of the stylistic hallmarks emerging in my comics writing is "people talking over each other", which I show by overlapping word balloons. It conveys an immediacy that truncating a sentence with an em-dash (or two en-dashes, because All Lettering Must Ape The Errors Of 1960s Cape Books) and having the usual space to the next balloon does not.

Went out for breakfast. Took the computer but I'm not sure I have enough energy to get anything done today. Might just take a long walk through various parks or something.

Working a con always leaves me super exhausted and useless for at least as many days as it took.

All that remains of the dream I had last night: a google search for "cracky swan".