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Welcome to the Smart House
We've got magic lights
Turn them on from across the world
And sometimes off at night
Gotta reset a couple once a month but they're p cool all the same

In the Smart House, welcome to the Smart House, keep your firewall up to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-date!

I seem to have missed some Discourse and all, so I am just gonna post this instead. mastodon.social/media/29NxYFWs

For people who know more about federation &c than I do, why am I not seeing the toots of a friend of mine on mastodon.social? I'm following her, but locally, I'm only seeing her toots up until a few days ago. There are newer ones if I go to her page directly.

I seem to be celebrating the Long Four Twenty. Started yesterday, ends tomorrow, when it is Four Twenty Too.

Observances: wear green, spend all day as stoned as conveniently possible, enjoy sunlight if it's available, get laid if you've already got a regular partner.

Driving alone
Big Bertha's up the road
Her diggin's done, now the disassembly
Viaduct old friend
We may miss your lovely vistas
But not your lacking quake safetyyyyyyyy

Today I learnt that Twitter doesn't want to show you more than the last 95 people who favorited a tweet. It probably does the same with retweets; I haven't checked though.

I wonder if Mastodon does the same thing with favorites and tootboosts.

Okay, my new Mastodon instance is live! Since @Mus made oulipo.social where you can't post the letter 'e', I am proud to announce:


A Mastodon instance where you can only say the letter "e". Follow me there! I'm @e


149,958 accounts
+365 in the last hour
+9,668 in the last day
484 active instances

like, the time I went to SPX and sold out of books on the first day was nice, sure, but it's still not as fond a memory as The Time I Blew Off A Bad Con For The Beach.

Clearly this tells me I need to do more cons near beaches, and schedule a day or three hanging around the beach afterwards. Or maybe I need to just move closer to a sunny beach.

My best con experience ever: the time I spent fri/sat in the dealer's room at BentCon selling fuck-all. Was it because gay dudes didn't wanna buy comics about lesbian robots? Or because the aggressive hucksters with a giant pile of yaoi were driving everyone passing away from my table? Either way, Sunday I blew off the con, hopped on the bus, and spent the day bumming around sunny Santa Monica instead.

that thing where you go to a convention and stress out working the whole weekend and get on a plane the next day and go right back home instead of being able to unwind and spend any time being On Vacation for a day or two

(I'm not doing this at the moment. I'm just thinking about it for some reason.)

Does anyone do this:

1. realize you're just Wasting Time On The Internet
2. hit the shortcut for the browser's address bar
3. type the name of another Wasting Time On The Internet site, hit return
4. immediately hit the address bar shortcut and type another time-wasting site, hit return
5. possibly repeat 4 one or two more times until I've done all the time-wasting sites I visit in a loop

It's like i need to invoke all of them and actively dismiss them or something.

hey peggy

this is a wild idea but

maybe stop browsing the web when you get to the point of loading slashdot? and, like, take your pills, get dressed, and do something like work instead? or at least take out the trash or something?

nah, it's too wild.

I should get out of the pillow pile, take a quick shower, and hit the farmer's market. Maybe even spend some time outside afterwards, I hear it is almost a Nice Day outside.

do the people complaining about mastodon admins being able to view your private messages realize that
twitter can do that too and they're literally partnered with a service named "dataminr"

Magical night vision camera gets stable, high res color video out of starlight.

And its website is straight from the Timecube school of web design. I'm not sure if that makes me more or less likely to believe it's a real thing before looking at the rest of the company's site and seeing that, yeah, they seem to have a pretty serious history in making night vision cameras.

Seriously just look at this glorious monstrosity. x20.org/color-night-vision/