fgc/misogyny trauma venting 

witchcraft, female oppression & erasure rant 

witchcraft, female oppression & erasure rant 

As if the weeks-long ongoing trauma of being a woman in the FGC was not enough, saw some shit in witchcraft land that has me ready to completely loose my shit.

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Also it’s really telling my last post 3 months ago was about this same shit, and the same social space. Love when extremely progressive groups don’t recognize their own toxic bullshit.

Hey I still have this thing. I think I never use it because my social network here is just very small, but I kind of can’t use my twitter anymore for personal stuff and I just keep circling back to wanting to leave the last “social” discord I’m in for a lot of reasons. Idk

Holy shit I can’t believe how strong my urge is today to withdraw from almost all of my remaining social spaces. I don’t even think this is unwarranted at this point. People suck and I deserve better.

Love the people who come at ya with big hustle, proposing you create a job for them, and they don’t have any of their own deliverable prepared. E sPoRtS

Almost done with commissioned notebook 20/30 total omg

Kinda wanna argue with idiot men on twitter, kinda glad the mute feature exists because I’m tryna not waste energy on pointless negativity & lost causes in 2019.

Most of my social circle is in Chicago having a great time and I’m over here in SF stressing out about a showing tomorrow for the home we live in and don’t own its great.


I’ve been sober for 15 days! Stopped drinking just for health reasons; wine can turn into a habit. It’s been nice.

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hey y'all, time for a job post. i am:
- in the bay area
- seeking a first-time software engineer-ish position
- fresh out of a coding bootcamp for women (hackbright!)
- queer, proudly ⚧
- wanting to work with OSS somehow
- interested in more ethical tech
- feelin' good, feelin' great, how are you? 🌱

pls share?

So much of my life in 2019 has turned into stuff I can’t openly talk about. It’s the worst NDA ever and it’s all just personal stuff

Friend stayed with us all weekend, which was fun, but I got no work done all weekend, not fun.

Lately I see conversations where I want to chime in because I have a different perspective or empathy point than the circle-jerk but I’m honestly tired of always being that person. I gotta stop trying to push people towards enlightenment in 2019 and keep my spoons to myself. Bye.

Mostly I just wanna play with this cute dog two tables over in this beer bar patio but it would be rude to admit I’m repulsed by my current company lol

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