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Intro Post: I'm eightbitsamurai, or 8bit. You should follow me if you like writing and videogames and sometimes anime, like me! I'm also a UI / UX Designer and PR person. I have a novel about a bunch of gay kids with psychic powers coming out in 2019, but until then I'll probably be talking about whatever I'm playing or writing atm. Also I own 1.358 albums, so you should talk to me about music.

I try to be positive, but it doesn't always work, so sorry in advance.

Nice to meet you!

Like 95% sure elekk is down in case anyone is wondering.

Alright y'all my preferences are super busted for some reason so I can put it in but icymi I'm moving over to !!

@eightbitsamurai You can edit your profile here to indicate that you've moved there

alright i'm movin' to elekk! Is there a way to let people know that I'm going over there, outside of importing my follow list and whatnot??

Really I just wanna figure out what instance I mainly wanna be on there are so many cool ones



If you're getting the hang of Mastodon, you might have fun giving other instances a try. Mastodon extends beyond, so you get to choose the kind of people you hang out with!

If you want to hang out with queer furries in a safe environment, try .

If you're an artist, might be your style.

If you want without the stress of Gamers, check out my .

Or use the instance picker at !

Olberic's story is actually the best one because it has a: 

I think I just missed the deadline but here's my dumb flatgame for the Pixels X Paper jam!!

Coming soon to more client themes!!
I'm going to be making themes based off of each of the major pride flags!
Make represent you!

Olberic's story in Octopath is super cliche stuff but I'm starting to realize I'm a sucker for that shit. Like I love Gurren Lagann. I'm easy.

Boost is a good word 'cause it sounds like something out of a racing game.

hey if you were following me before, mastodon nuked my entire account on mistake. promo me so i can refollow folks?

The little outfits your party wears when you subclass in Octopath is so freakin cute. The only thing better than regular H'annit is H'annit with a ponytail!!!

My octopath team is hannit, ophilia, Primrose and Cyrus. The 3 girls are poly and super gay for each other and Cyrus is just there to carry their things and inspect stuff for then but he's pretty cool too

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