Seeing a lot of "actually mastadon is bad and won't solve all your problems" on Twitter and like yeah okay everything is bad and only death will solve all my problems. I know that.

At least this place is fun tho

I'm so tired of that mentality. I'm so tired of being yelled at for not being angry enough at whatever the controversy of the day is. I just want a cool place to hang out.

@eightbitsamurai 👈 😎 👈

But yea, exactly 😛 I don't see why people don't want to settle for only "greatly improved" 😛

@eightbitsamurai As we know, all imperfect things are equally imperfect, so it's pointless to leave an imperfect thing for anything that isn't perfect.

@eightbitsamurai mastodon won't solve all of your problems. In contrast, Twitter will create many of them

@eightbitsamurai well, they say “mastadon” so we don’t know what they are talking about

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